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  • David on Genesis 43
    When dealing with estranged family members we must first deal within ourselves. Joseph realized that everything he was going through was allowed by GOD in some fashion or another. He most of all wanted to be reunited with his family on good terms. He tested them and saw that they had indeed changed in their attitude and demeanor.

    The biggest test is actually in ourselves. The LORD commands us to forgive even if the other side does not receive it. Our prayers for them must be genuine and deep for their success. It will not be easy, nor be quickly corrected; but it will bring comfort in CHRIST and peace through the LORD.

    If we cannot reconcile within our own families and friends, how can we hope to do GOD'S work with those in need of reconciliation or salvation in the LORD.

    Let's us pray fervently and diligently for ourselves, our leaders, and even unto those who use us or treat us spitefully.

    May the LORD GOD be praised in us and hear our cries and attend to them. GOD bless everyone on this forum.

    September 10, 2022

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