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  • Fred
    Can we know what the love is that Jesus speaks of, when He tells us that He and His Father are one? If you and I did not have a Father on earth, nor in some cases a Mother, can we know the Love Jesus is speaking of?

    Or what if you have a Father on earth, and your relationship is not good! Or, perhaps your father walked out of your lives many years ago! Can we ever know the forgiveness that will Transend the here and now, moving us forward?

    Must I learn how to hug, must I learn how to walk side by side? Must I learn how to forgive the past?

    If this were not enough, it is as an infection that has moved even further into your next generation!

    This is the greatest hurdle for some of us! This hurdle impossible to get over! Yes, it is. "How can God forgive you, when you cannot forgive! Mark 11:26 But if ye do not forgive, neither will your Father ...

    Somehow some way we must forgive! I think many in my generation are walking around this hurdle? How many of us may never know the relationship between Jesus and His Father!!! How can reconciliation come?

    Reconciliation must come! Somehow, some way! Someone, who knows, please tell me! Please tell me!!
  • Wesley Watrous - in Reply
    Dear Fred,

    I have a story that actually may help with this question. I was 9 years old, and it was Christmas eve. My father was very recently divorced from my stepmother. She had taken custody of Durendal and Emily. My other 2 half siblings from my stepmom. So, my father only had me and my older sister Ashely. He also was suffering from the 2008 recession on his business. His problem was he was more invested in worldly matters than God.

    So, to make a long story short, my father was an alcoholic. That night he decided to teach my sister Ashley and I how to use guns. Well, he was drunk and tried to unload a .45 caliber revolver in point blank direction of my sister. Seconds later she is on the ground with a wound in her left cheek. My father then puts her on the dining table and brings some towels. I call 911 while he does so. Then after I return to my sisters' side, my father goes to his bedroom.

    In those moments I came extremely close to God. I was 9 years old. I prayed like I never did before for my sister to not suffer. I asked that she was just in shock. That she wouldn't be tortured in her last moments. I wept immensely until i knew she was no longer with me.

    Even with such a horrible event and testament to my father's character. I forgave him. We both had just lost someone who we both truly loved. I never had the thought that my father deserved punishment until i listened to my mother months later. even then it didn't feel right to feel or think that way.

    I always think of a Matthew Chapter 6, verse 12: Forgive our debts, as we forgive our debtors.

    The key is love and empathy. Jesus is the omnipotent example of such things. He has given us those keys, but it is up to us to use those keys to open the shut doors in our hearts. To unlock the garden of love with Gods' splendor.

    I hope this helps, and if you unsure of my story, you can just search my name and the case will show.
  • Fred - in Reply
    Jesus used physical healing, when proclaiming the forgiveness of sin. He associates the burdens of sickness and disease with the forgiveness of sin. Your story has helped me realize just how quick things can happen. That we should never take for granted this love this love Jesus has died for!
  • Fred - in Reply
    Dearest Wesley, I thank you for this. Such a burden to bare . My hope and prayer, that He can and will comfort you even now and forever. Fred
  • May Bernadette - in Reply
    Dear Fred,

    Absolutely true.

    Forgiving is really one of the hardest thing. They say time heals all wounds but for me only the true love of God can help you to completely forgive. Forgiving and forgiveness is the key to set you free and to experience the real joy in your heart.

    That is why I keep asking God to help me forgive that someone, because sometimes I thought I have already forgiven, yet there happens some situation in life that grudges are coming back, and then you realize that you haven't completely forgiven that person at all. This is the time that we must recall the verse that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, please guys always remember Ephesians 6:12 and always remember to be kind even to those who hurt you .. because they even are the ones who need spiritual help and need your prayer. Remember guys, you are loved.. Big time ! I love that song.
  • Fred - in Reply
    Admitting to ourselves can be easy to forget those things we need.That sounds wrong, but it must be right if we are going to experiance His love in the here and now. How to forgive can only come from Him.
  • Giannis - in Reply
    Hi Fred

    Forgiveness and love are not easily and fast aquired. It is very easy for God to make us perfect at once, but He never does this. He guides us through paths to make us realize our boundaries and to try to increase in love bit by bit, day by day, year by year as long as we follow Him. It a whole lifetime's struggle to make our love boundaries wider and wider every time.

    You asked for experiences with the Holly Spirit in your other post, so I combine an experience of mine with love. Once I got to meet a new brother in the church. For no reason at all I disliked him. The way he talked, the way he moved around ... produced a dislike for him in my heart. One day at the end of the church service the pastor asked for those who want to be healed to come forward and the elders of the church lay hands on them and annoint them with oil just as the scriptures direct us to do in such cases. So that guy went forward. When I saw him my dislike for him was raised up to the sky. But at the same time I felt very sad and guilty about that. Being a christian and dislike my brother (who as well did nothing bad to me ) was not something I was feeling nice for. I paniced and didn't know what to do. So in my panic I decided to start ordering in the name of Jesus that dislike to go away from me. After saying it in my mind for 4-5 times I suddenly felt that something like a dark cloud went away from the scene and everything now looked very bright. At the same time I felt so much love for my brother (yes the one that a second earlier I disliked so much) that I wanted to go and hug him. I was taught a lesson. We don't love smb because we want to love them and succeed in doing it with our own ability. It is something that is given by God Himself. It is one of the elements of the fruit of the Holly Spirit. But God doesn't give it to us just like that. He expects us to strive for it. Stay in prayers, filling outselves with the HS, etc. Love is a choice, but power to do it is by God.

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