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  • Amanda
    If a man does good works, not because he is told to by the Bible or "faith" but does good works because of a good heart his whole life. Sure he sins but reflects and tries to learn and become a better person. Ie helping others and never expecting a reward etc is that man not a better person and would be judge kindly rather than a man doing good works because he is told to by the Bible? Doesn't god see the heart rather than only see a title of Christian. Many Christians don't really do good works from the heart they do it as check marks" to go to heaven.

    My question is if god is a kind , loving, and a fair just god. I don't see how every other culture ( such as China, India ) where culture may prevent them from believing in jesus will perish? It seems like being a ' Christian " is like a special in club where they only believe they are good enough. How can god work like this? I would hate to think that god judges people like that.

    If god knows us and knows our hearts and we are made in his image. By reason he gave us the most precious gift of reasoning, thinking, morals to use. If you sim and we all do, as long as you aim to better yourself why would god dismiss that?

    Wouldn't you think a whole life of doing good from your heart ( despite your religion) would be better to god than someone on death after eating his last meal of chicken, then accepted Jesus as his lord and savior?

    This is just one of the things that confuse me.

    Thank you for listening.
  • Mary Laurino - in Reply
    I have the deepest Faith in Our Lord, I thank Him every day, throughout the day and in the evening, for the Faith He Gifted me with before I was born. (I say this with great confidence that I was Blessed with this Faith before I was born because my first memory from my childhood is this: I was around 3 years of age and suffering from a very painful, recurring ear problem that the medical profession couldn't resolve. I was crying from the pain and standing with my Mother while she was at the medicine cabinet getting children's aspirin for me. As I stood with her waiting, this was my thought: I know I am going to be okay because God will protect me and help the Doctors find out what was wrong with my ear and He would help them fix it, AND He had given me the best Mother in the world and He would guide her as well. Although I was much to young to understand, I came to realize over the years that this belief at such a young age was in fact a gift from God. To address your question, I have two thoughts, the first being the knowledge that much of the Bible was written by man, man who is not perfect and therefore could/would inject their own interpretation of the Words of Our Lord. The second thought is this: Jesus walked among us and reached out to those who were considered sinners, he spoke with them, broke bread with them and talked with them about the way they lived their lives and offered words of a better way for them. He did not turn away from those who were sinners, AND HE DID NOT JUDGE THEM, God does not condemn any of His children, certainly not His children who are different from the main stream, Jesus didn't live His life following the main stream. Your Son and Granddaughter ARE NOT SINNERS AND GOD WANTS YOU TO LOVE AND EMBRACE THEM. He knows what is in their heart and soul and He loves them AND EXPECTS US TO LOVE THEM AS WELL, THESE ARE HIS CHILDREN AND ONLY HE KNOWS THEIR HEART. If they are kind and caring, the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs. Enjoy loving them
  • Henry - in Reply
    Amanda. One other point Christianity is not a religion which is an idea or

    Belief system developed by man's intellect. Christianity is the way God the

    Creator And Father of Jesus Christ communicated by example his love for

    His greatest creation man bacause He being The Greatest Father wanting a

    Family for eternity through his only son Jesus Christ. When born again you

    Receive Christ in you the Hope of Glory hence the term Christian or Christ

    In first proclaimed in Antioch. There is no other true belief system in the

    World other than Christianity. All correct moral law and order and ethics

    Originate from scripture.
  • Bill - in Reply
    Amanda a very good point you bring up . My answer to you is Those hypocritical people that do not live better lives but claim to be Gods people are just stumbling blocks to those around them . They cause people like your self to question the whole validity of it all .

    And sinning even a small amount is not normal for Gods people . Sinning people can not be happy people . Deceived people think it's ok to sin since they received the gift of forgiveness. But that's just the beginning, not the end of the matter . If they go on sinning they are deceived. A real converted person is able to honor God by the help of God through Jesus . Ask Jesus for your help and needs in all things . Sinning is proof of a failure in a life . The fear of God will keep us from going away from God , but the grace of God will help us get closer to God .

    Please read the Bible prayerfully ask Jesus for help to understand it and empower you with the word .

    The word of God is spiritual food we all need to overcome the flesh that feeds on the things of the world .

    Do not let the hypocrisy of others stumble you . Go on and seek the Lord .
  • Adam - in Reply
    Hello, this exact topic is currently being discussed in another discussion thread you might want to look for that- has lots of replies.
  • Henry - in Reply
    Amanda. Perhaps Romans 2: 6-11 will answer your question because God is all

    Love and just and fair and Obviously all mighty. Verse four it is the goodness of

    God that leads or lovingly guides to repentance a change of heart directed toward

    The giver.
  • Giannis - in Reply
    Adding Romans 2:12-16

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