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  • Adam Young on James 1
    Reference example James 1:1

    Many of the books in the New Testament distinctly separate God and the Lord Jesus in their greetings. I have often wondered why.

    Additionally, I have wondered why, if these 2 are separated, is the Holy Spirit left out of these greetings?
  • T. Levis - in Reply on James 1
    Perhaps the questions arise because of teachings not actually in scripture.

    John 17, Please read whole chapter, Isaiah 11:1,2, John 3:16, Matthew 10:32,33,

    Ephesians 4:30, Luke 11:13, Ephesians 1:1-13, Ephesians 1:17-23, Matthew 24:35,36,

    John 14:26, John 16:7,

    Hopefully these are helpful
  • Adam Young - in Reply on James 1
    Thanks for the effort in gathering these scriptures. Jesus is Lord and blessed by God Almighty. By his grace and mercy through faith I am saved and nothing can change that.

    Some questions have no simple answer or specific scripture that clarifies the infinite, eternal God. Any question that speaks of the relationship between God the Father, Jesus the Christ and Holy Spirit cannot be easy. I have a mind, heart and spirit that longs to worship God with all my strength. I believe this is one of the ways that God created us in his image.

    In this respect, God has separated us into 3 distinct personalities. Physical, mental and spiritual.

    I am not sure why I put that question to the typewriter since we all must ponder the Holy Trinity of God during prayer, reading of the scripture and indeed day to day hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and feeling his presence.

    Again, thanks for the effort.

    Love in the brotherhood of Christ.
  • One Eighty - in Reply on James 1
    Hi Adm Young,

    Any scripture referring to "God Is", "I Am", etc., clarifies the infinite, eternal God. "God Is" reflects His omnipresence, i.e. He is

    eternally everywhere. This should lead us to consider that if there is this Omnipresence, what room is there left for anything other than God/Omnipresence, Who is also omnipotent and omniscient? God Is; thus what opposes (the opposite of) Him "is not". God could never be (exist) as what opposes Him. This would render him something else. There is no compromise between what God is and what He is not (cannot be). God is the sole reality, and what is real always denies its opposite.

    God is Light, not darkness. Bring darkness to light and the light will reveal the darkness, and what I thought was hidden in it is not there; not my reality. When light enters darkness the darkness is abolished. In similar manner, God is everything, and everything and nothing cannot coexist. The truth of one (God, Light, Everything) must make the falsity of its opposite ("Satan, darkness, nothing") perfectly unambiguous.

    God Is. God is Love. The opposite of love is fear: yet What (God) is all encompassing can have no opposite. Love creates Itself and nothing but Itself. It is impossible for Love to create evil, and to do so would render God as capable of denying and opposing Himself: Impossible!

    In regards to the trinity: The trinity in its Oneness transcends the sum of its parts.


    God Is

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