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  • Oakly on Colossians 2
    Once we except the the death ,burial, resurrection of Jesus ask him to save us and get baptized . We are born again right? AM I a son or daughter of God now here on earth? Or do I have to be ressurected from the dead to be a son or daughter?
  • Henry - in Reply on Colossians 2
    Oakley. Simple answer is 1 John 3:1 now are we the Sons of God by

    Spiritual birth.
  • GiGi - in Reply on Colossians 2

    Please know that salvation is all from God, not by the works of humans.

    God sent His Son, Jesus into the world to save humans from sin, death, the devil, and hell. So, the work of salvation is done by Jesus by His perfect life, sacrificial death for the sins of the world, and His glorious resurrection from the dead after three days of death in the tomb. All of this accomplished our salvation. Then the Holy Spirit was sent out to bring God's grace to us through the hearing of this gospel message of Jesus' work of salvation. The Holy Spirit uses the hearing of the Gospel as a means of convicting us of our sinfulness before God and need for His mercy, causing us to repent from sin, creating faith in us to believe the Gospel message and put our trust in Jesus and in what He accomplished for us. This is regeneration or being born anew. It is all accomplished by God in us. When we act on what God has done for us by using the faith the Holy Spirit births in us we will confess with our mouths and believe in our hearts that Jesus is Lord and Savior for us.

    So it sounds to me like these things have occurred in you, Oakly. You can be assured that you are saved by God's grace and will. Please believe that this is true because the evil one wants to deceive you into thinking that perhaps you have not done all that is needed to be saved. But you are saved by what God has done. Satan wants to have us believe that we have to do the work of saving ourselves, but this is a lie. We just accept what God has done for us in Jesus Christ. It is simple, even so that a child can believe the Gospel.

    Because you are now reconciled to God through the salvation received through Jesus, you are indeed a child of God, whereas prior to salvation you were His enemy and dead in sin. But due to what Jesus has done and the regenerative work of the Holy Spirit in you, you have been made alive to God and are in right relationship with Him. He calls you His friend, His child, His disciple.
  • Alex N - in Reply
    Hello Oakley....There has to be an intimacy with Jesus and a seed has to be sown in our hearts....Thats y he has to KNOW us..There cannot be a heavenly birth without an intimacy....He wants to KNOW us...Thats y the sower wants to sow his precious seed in our hearts ....That a Child might be born in us...Which is the H.G. the Child of Promise....As that which is born of the spirit is spirit which is the H.G. our new heart and new spirit...our new innerman....The Kingdom....Unless ya receive the Kingdom of God as a lil Child you will in NO wise enter there in....He had to breathe on them b/f they cd receive the H.G....His breath was his Words his Seeds an intimacy...If he does not know us there will be no fruit unto God as Romans 7:4 says

    ......Thats y they refer to the H.G. as the Promise,..Simply b/c the H.G. is the multiplication of Christ Jesus via his seed sown in our hearts...The babes and sucklings he mentions which is the H.G. that has to be born in us via his seed..The living WORD.

    .....Remember HANNAH ...Said for this Child i prayed and God has granted me my petition....Pray for the gift of the H.G. the Child of PROMISE....Peter was saying being bornagain of an incoruptible seed even by the Words of God that liveth and abideth forever.. 1st Peter 1:23.....And only Jesus can sow that precious seed in our hearts....ok GBU
  • Mamie - in Reply on Colossians 2
    If you have to ask the answer is no. Baptism doesn't save ,it is the outward show that you have repented of your sins and are following Jesus Christ, My experience was a soul cleansing, it was physical ,it was a washing , after I felt a burden had been lifted .True repentance is needed for salvation,Jesus wants us to acknowledge our wrong ,our sin when we are truly sorrowful he will hear our prayers and redeem us.
  • T. Levis - in Reply on Colossians 2
    Son, Daughter of GOD: John 1:12, 1John 3:1,2, Matthew 5:9, context Matthew 5, Matthew 13:38, John 12:36, Luke 12:32, context Luke 12,

    Romans 8:14, in context please read all of Chapter Romans 8, explanation of the answer of your question in detail.

    Hopefully these are all helpful

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