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  • Dr. Lyle Lee on James 1
    James 1:18 Here the apostle reveals our spirit as being saved, by using two words, begat and firstfruits, both of which speak about the human spirit as being resurrected. When reading Psalms 2:7 and Hebrews 1:5 the word begat or begotten refers unto the day when God would resurrect the body of the Lord Jesus, thus creating the doctrine of resurrection in interpretation. Then in Leviticus 23 we are taught of the feast known as the firstfruits, the first feast happened on April 14 as the Passover, then the next feast called unleavened bread happened on April 15, finally on April the 16TH the feast of firstfruits took place. These three feats speak about Christ dying on Friday as our Passover, in the grave on Saturday as our unleavened bread, and rose the third day being Sunday, as our first fruits. It was the third day that God resurrected him, meaning the name reveals the resurrection. 1 Cor.15:23

    James 1:21 Here is this verse the apostle now deals with the salvation of the soul as being separate from that of the spirit, for he insists that our soul will be saved by the engrafted word, not by faith without works in Calvary. Now we know that the only thing that was engrafted into every Christian on the day of salvation as an unconditional promise was the Ten Commandments in the heart, also known as the new covenant. For this reason he continues to teach in chapter 2 about this very thought and testified that faith without works is dead, meaning when it comes to saving our souls, rather we must have faith with works, from obeying with meekness the Ten Commandments written in the heart, he calls this the royal law and the law of liberty in James 2:8 and 2:12
  • GiGi again - in Reply

    part 2

    because the centuries long teaching that He died on a Friday and rose on a Sunday does not equate to three days and three nights in the tomb, as Jesus says explicitly in Matthew 12:40. The Friday to Sunday can be viewed as three days, but not three nights.

    But as you say, we do need to think kindly of other believers who may not be from our own religious tradition and refrain from speaking of them as being unsaved, evil, deceiving, or fake. Only God truly knows the heart and mind of each believer. He knows if someone is truly in the faith and who is truly a heretic and outside of the true faith. He will help all who ask come to Him humbly asking for guidance and knowledge of true doctrine. He will supply the teaching and the influence from the Word or from a teacher/mentor He sends into someone's life, or leads one to a site on the internet that teaches sound doctrine, or to books/writings from history (long ago or in recent centuries) that will shed light on the doctrine one is seeking to learn more clearly. He is faithful and brings truth and answers to those who seek Him with a pure heart who loves the truth AND the brethren-past and present.

    So, thanks Giannis for pointing this tendency out that is becoming more and more common in this generation of believers (those who resist learning from others (past and present) and who bad-mouth those who do not agree with their own private interpretation of a doctrine of our faith-those who despise doctrine (even the word) and tradition (even the word). I think that many of these people do not know how to distinguish between what Jesus was talking about as "traditions of men" and traditional doctrines of our faith passed down through the centuries, thinking anything that is older than this present "age" (last 100 years must be wrong because it is now a "traditional" teaching-therefore the tradition of man. But I believe that this thinking is both wrong and dangerous to those who hold to it. So I pray.
  • Dr. Lyle Lee - in Reply
    Hi Gigi;

    As I have stated earlier, the physical body of Christ was only in the grave 3 days and two nights, but the prophesy of Jonah will be 3 days and 3 nights, therefore I submit to you the prophesy is about the three thousand years the church will be in the earth, the two thousand years is about to end and the third day is about to begin, for a total of three days and three nights for the spiritual body of Christ in the earth.

    God's grace
  • GiGi - in Reply
    Hello Lyle,

    That is an interesting viewpoint. I don't agree with it, because I do think Jesus was speaking of literally three days and three nights in the grave when He spoke those words concerning His fast approaching death and resurrection. Have a good evening.
  • Dr. Lyle Lee - in Reply
    Hi Gigi; I would like to challenge the thought of Christ referring unto his literal body being in the grave three days and three night according to Jonah, as we must consider the seven feasts of Israel from Leviticus 23 for the correct understanding of this passage. On the 14 day of the month Abib, they crucified the Lord, it was the Passover, Christ then died before 6 o'clock and was buried, then the next feast day started the feast of unleavened bread on the 15 day of the month Abib, finally he rose early on the third day which was the feast firstfruits. All three of these names are then given unto the Lord Jesus by the Apostle Paul using metaphors, to explain that God was following Leviticus 23. Now if you suppose the Lord Jesus' body was in the grave on the third night, then Christ had to rise on the fourth day, meaning the 17Th day of the month Abib, which was not a feast day at all, and if indeed he rose on the fourth day, why do all the scriptures say he rose on the third day?
  • Dr. Lyle Lee - in Reply
    Hi GIGI;

    I see you disagree with Christ dying on Friday, so before we go down the road, know I am not a catholic, after saying that I will explain to you there are more ways to read a bible than literally, you see it was also written metaphorically, in shadows and typologies in allegory and so forth, so when Jesus said he would be in the earth three days and three nights he was not speaking about his literal body, rather he was speaking about the church, we have now been here two days and two nights and the third day is coming known as the millennium, so the body of Christ will be in the earth for three days and three nights, at the end of that time we have the white throne judgement, then we enter the new heaven and new earth. We have not dis honored the word of God at all by teaching he died Friday and rose Sunday, after all he rose the first day of the week.

    stay blessed
  • Giannis - in Reply
    Thanks GiGi, I absolutely agree with you about everything you said. You are right. Christianity wasn't "invented" in the 1600's. It was there for almost 1500 years.

    I will not stay any more on the topic of the date of Jesus' crucifixion. There are some explanations that could be right But I will stay on the tranditional belief mainly because I find it very hard to believe that the early church who started celebrating Easter just 70 yeas after Jesus' crucifixion were wrong. And through the centuaries nobody really debated that date. So... what am I supposed to say?

    A thing I would like to point out is that today we read the Bible in our language as if it was written in it. And we forget that different languages often use different expressions for the same thing, like today we say "two or more", but Jews at that time used to say "two or three", and if the translation is word by word we often need somebody to explain things. Also often people who speak a language find it difficult to understand old writtings not only because many words are not used any more but expressions may have changed as well, we say it in a different way now, this happens in greek as well. Another thing is that the NT with the exception of Luke who was greek was written by Jews, and they often say in greek what they would have said in Hebrew but in greek it may be confusing, and further on in English as well. Also people at that time used many allegories, metaphors, parables, (some writtings like Job and Song of Solomon are poems in Hebrew) whereas today we tend to be very precise in what we say. This is why we need pastors, teachers, scholars, theologists, historians to explain some things. I dont say this happens always.That is why personally I use many different Bibles if I am not sure of what something means. So I recommend people here on this site not to always trust their own perception of the Word of God but listen to others as well (this includes me), and read. Read.

    God Blessings
  • GiGi again - in Reply
    Agreed, Giannis. I do know that the Resurrection was celebrated on a Sunday from the first century on. But I am not sure if His death day and the Last Supper were celebrated on Friday and Thursday, respectively. But I have not researched that to know for sure either way. I pray for a teachable heart. I have learned (and unlearned) much over the years as God refines my beliefs with His Word and good teachers.
  • Ronnette - in Reply on James 1
    Part 2


    2 Peter 1:20-21

    20Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.

    21For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.

    What a great Intelligent Designer God and author we have. The Bible has full of righteous and true information. We are all reading the same KJV Bible.

    Romans 16:17-18

    Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them. For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.
  • Giannis - in Reply on James 1
    Dear Ronnette

    There are important beliefs/doctrines in Christianity that are necessary for salvation like the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. But there are many insignificant ones that if one believes it this way and somebody else otherwise, it doesn't really matter. The date Jesus was crucified is not of any importance, and probably we shouldn't have spent so much time on it. Whether you believe it was Thurday or Wednesday or Friday doesn't change anything in your spiritual life. When we say that the truth will set one free we mainly mean that the truth which is that Jesus Christ was crucified for our sins and resurrected for our justification will set us free of our sins and from spiritual death. We can not generalize it for any disagreement we have with others. When you say that Jesus was crucified on Wednesday, that of what has it set you free personally? So I think you understand. There is a verse in Romans that says that the kingdom of God is not food or drink but peace, love and righteousness in the Holly Spirit. If you eat meat or not, if you drink wine or not has not any positive or negative consequence in your spir. life. Another scripture says that in Christ circumsision or not circumsision is nothing but new creation (is important). This doesn't mean that we can do or believe anything we like but there are important and insignificant things in Christ. One has to, as you say, rightly divide these things.

    Another thing I would like to tell you is that the belief some have that all the millions of Christians that live now and the millions that lived in the past 2 th. years were useless really and had wrong beliefs and God chose us personally among those many millions to reveal His Truth is very dangerous. It's not only us in the faith. There are many millions of us who love God and look for the truth. Sorry to talk to you like this but I often find myself thinking in this way, and this is wrong. Again no offense meant. God bless you
  • GiGi - in Reply on James 1
    Dear Giannis, I so agree with you on these matters. We are not to despise, denigrate, or negate the teachings and faith of those who were alive during the beginning of the church age, nor through the centuries, as if we, in this time are so much wiser and correct in our beliefs. That is a very arrogant and prideful way of viewing ourselves in relation to those believers who have gone before us, the great crowd of witnesses, as Hebrews 1 states. You have spoken well in your reply to Ronnette here. There are many on this forum who dishonor those who lived out their faith in Jesus through such terrible persecution, hardships, and struggles with heresy over the centuries. We should have an attitude to learn from them. God placed them in the church by His election and gave us their writings and history to inherit the body of beliefs of the faith past down through the saints.

    I am not saying that all that was taught in the early church centuries, the Middle Ages, the Enlightenment, nor in the past 500 years is absolutely correct. But there is much truth there, especially on the majors, as you state. These majors are the teachings that must be believed to be considered a practicing Christian. New believers, of course do not know all of these teachings yet, but those who read the word, learn from pastors, or other Christian teachers should know these teachings and believe them to be considered "in the faith". I am not going to itemize these teachings in this post, but I do recommend to others to study up on these "majors". And, yes, one's position of the exact timing of Jesus' death, burial and resurrection is not a major. But that He did die for us, was buried, and arose on the third day for us is absolutely a major and essential to a person's faith.

    I do think it is good to learn about the timeline of Jesus' last Supper, sufferings, death, burial, and resurrection in order to have an explanation for those who question the veracity of the "majors" I mentioned above ...
  • Giannis - in Reply on James 1
    Well spoken GiGi. thank you, GBU
  • Ronnette - in Reply on James 1
    I did a thorough study on when Jesus died. It was very interesting that men follows the traditions of men. Paul already warned us in Colossians 2:8

    I personally confirmed that Jesus died on Wednesday. Just as the pattern of a wonderful God has created a day, so understanding that a day starts in the evening and the morning Genesis 1:5. Then next a great God gave the Jews a great and only sign of Jonah 1:17 and Matthew 12:40 a prophetic sign of when Jesus will die, buried and resurrected for 3 days and 3 nights. Our God is such a great Intelligent Designer so that the true believers will not be deceived tossed to and fro ( Ephesians 4:14) by any so-called Religious Christian Deceivers. So by knowing this you will know who is lying to you and to stay away from this cult. Revelation 18:4

    It was also a perfect match on the day of Passover and the Sabbath. Noticed the day Mary went to the tomb and her preparation of her spices. I will leave a room for you to study.

    So anybody says Jesus died on Friday, it is fake news they are making you a merchandised 2 Peter 2:3; Revelation 18:11; Revelation 18:12 Stay away immediately if they do not listen to the truth. The truth will set you free. John 14:6. The greatest and intelligent thing God said is that there is no other interpretation in the word of God. So if you do not get it you must be a lost person and not saved or just not reading your Bible enough. I do want ALL to be saved 1 Corinthians 15:1-4. I just hate the Nicolaitans (2X) Revelations 2:6; Revelation 2:15. Beware of many modern Pharisees.

    Main thing is that we true believers 1 John4:2-3; 2 John 1:7 should not be divided 1 Corinthians 1:10; Luke 11:17. We need each other Romans 12:4; 1 Corinthians 12:12 & 20

    We are truly in the last days. Psalms 2:1-12. God wants everybody to understand The Word of God. Many of you will not believe. It is expected. Many will meet Jesus in the cloud 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 and 1 Corinthians 15:50-58. See you soon.

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