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  • GiGi again on Exodus 29
    Exodus 29


    He gave His all for us and this pleased the Father.

    Aaron and his sons put their hands on the second ram and it was slaughtered. Some of the blood was used to place on the tip of the right ear, thumb, and toe of Aaron and his sons. The remainder of the blood was sprinkled around the altar and upon the garments of Aaron and his sons. Again the fat of the ram, its tail, kidneys, caul, and right thigh are used to be burned, along with one loaf of bread, one cake, and one wafer. First, these things are raised up above by Aaron and his sons, presented to YHWH (Jesus was raised up on the cross) as a wave offering and then burned on the altar.

    Then the priests are to take the breast and the other thigh portion of the ram and offer it up as a wave offering (peace offering) but not burn it. This portion was to be eaten by the priests after being boiled along with the remaining bread, eaten by the door of the tabernacle of meeting (not inside the tabernacle). In this way the priest consume that which the atonement was made and in doing so they will be consecrated (ordained) and sanctified (set apart) for service for YHWH.

    Only priests are to consume this portion of the atoning sacrifice. No outsider is to do this, because both the priests and the offering are holy. Jesus is both the sin offering for atonement and the High Priest. He alone is worthy of being offered and He alone is owed all of the joy, honor, and satisfaction of fulfilling God's requirement for the remission of sin. It is between YHWH and the priests, just like the decision and carrying out of the atonement was only within the Godhead with not participation from sinful man who was separated from God, His enemy, and dead in sin (unable to do anything to counsel or assist in this work).

    This consecration was to take seven days with a bull offered every day as a sin offering of atonement for the altar and sanctify it. Whatever touches the altar must be holy. Jesus is the only Holy One..

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