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  • GiGi on Exodus 29
    Exodus Ch. 29

    In this chapter directions are given for the consecration of the priests for their services to YHWH in the tabernacle.

    It seems that it was not enough that the priests were properly dressed for the service, but there needed to be blood sacrifice and the priests sprinkled with the blood while they were wearing their priestly garments. Makes me think of Jesus' robe dipped in blood in Revelation.

    The bread was to be unleavened to signify sinlessness, as Jesus is, our Bread of Heaven.

    The priests were to be consecrated-ordained-into the priesthood. This is a special ceremony to initiate the priesthood. It was to last for seven days.

    Aaron laid his hands on the heard of the bull, then the bull was slaughtered and offered to YHWH, the blood of which is applied to the horns of the altar of sacrifice with the finger of the priest and pour the rest of the blood next to the altar. There must have been some kind of vessel to collect the blood at the base of the altar.

    The process of offering the bull was that the fat, caul, and kidneys are to be burned on the altar of sacrifice unto the LORD. The flesh and skin of the bull was to be burned outside of the camp as this represented that the bull took the sins of the priest and people off of the humans and onto the bull. So, the flesh, like our sinful nature, could not enter the tabernacle, but must be burned away outside of the camp, (removed from our being by the sacrifice of Jesus), since it is a sin offering. Jesus was sacrificed outside of the city wall, our sin offering.

    The rams were to be spotless, (Jesus was completely sinless). Aaron again placed his hands upon the ram's head, slaughter it, collect the blood, and sprinkle all of the blood around the altar. Then cut the ram into pieces, wash the legs and entrails. Then all of the pieces of this ram were put on the altar to be burned unto YHWH (called a burnt offering) and the aroma was a sweet smell to YHWH. Jesus' whole Person was offered....

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