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  • Sharon Brown on James 1
    What does James 1:10 means and James 1:12 also
  • Luke - in Reply
    Agreed, I would suggest reading from the beginning of the chapter.

    James 1:9 The lowly brother is rejoiced, because he exalts God,,, He is rich in spirit.

    1:10 The Rich man is being compared to a flower whereas it die's, the rich man's flesh dies; the rich man is made low because he sought and made worldly riches, not spiritual, or heavenly; these worldly riches does nothing for him in heaven,, he can't take it with him,,, he is low in spirit.

    Blessed has become the man that endureth trials: for when he hath become tested, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love Him.
  • Nats - in Reply on James 1
    James 1:10 you need previous verse and after verse for context please read them all in order . James 1:12 is eternal life which we have in Christ .

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