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  • Richard H Priday on John 12
    John 12 and Predestination

    This section goes from they did not believe (as seen in John 6:64; 8:46 and others) to verse 39 of this chapter which states that they COULD not believe as prophesied in Isaiah 53:1.

    Verse 42 serves as a harsh reminder that we can have belief in Christ but we also must CONFESS with our mouths ( Romans 10:9-10) in order to have saving faith. We are reminded here of Luke 16:15 which states that which is honorable among men is an abomination to God.

    Here; it was praise of men that was the cause; and being thrown out of the synagogue; not even direct physical persecution.

    Verse 48 reminds us of the conviction of the Spirit as mentioned in John 16:8; a few chapters later. Clearly; the whole Godhead works as a unit in tandem in ways mysterious to man.

    Verse 40 goes on further to state from Isaiah about God Himself blinding men. Some other verses on that include 2 Thessalonians 2:11 where God Himself sends strong delusion so that they will believe the lie because of the previous verse where they did not LOVE the truth. Also we have Isaiah 66:4 where it says that God will choose their delusions.

    All sin stems from self justification; and self love that cannot accept the true state of our souls as fallen man because of Adam and his progeny that makes up natural man. Naked we come into this world and naked we shall go ( Job 1:21); also see Ecclesiastes 5:15. We cannot love anything above God; Jesus uses the word HATE for anything else ( Luke 14:25-26). We see the general sentiment in verse 25 of this chapter. Clearly; Christ Himself showed love in the previous chapter for Lazarus; Mary and Martha as well as John when He said "Behold your mother" to John at the cross so that he could take care of her. ( John 19:26-27).

    There were times when they sought Him out when He stated the more important principle that those who followed Him were brothers; sisters; etc. ( Luke 8:21).

    The blueprint for being a child of God or not is in John 12.

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