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  • Willie milton on 1 Corinthians 14 - 1 year ago
    God do not contradict himself the holy ghost has nothing to do with the flesh but power over the spirit of the devil .A women and a man have a chores in this word through the flesh and the no male or female is for when we become Angels. A woman still are under Adam and eve law in the flesh and the flesh of a man have the rulership over the woman. The holy spirit will stop a woman for her monthly period nor childbirth nor death . Hebrews 5:1 if a priest is needed and your pastor is dead then then church must

    line all qualified males and choose a priest from among men. Numbers 28:1 when god was setting up the priesthood he said call all males from the family of Arron that they may minister to me in the priesthood . God had a women prophetess call Mariam Moses sister. a elder is appointment after one is saved. The holy ghost have nothing to do with putting a woman in authority over a man just over the Devil works. 1Tim 2:11 this was after the holy Ghost had fell Acts 2:1 -2 1Co 11:3-4 this was written after the Holy Ghost had fell. So why now the women liberation is come now it seems that God have a new thing concerning the Pastor position. if you believe anything out of the scripture you are in False Doctrine and the Bible say's if a Angel from heaven preach any other gospel from what we preach let him be accursed . So it is not what God told the woman she could not do...He told her what to do. Thanks Willie
  • Alex N - In Reply on 1 Corinthians 14 - 1 year ago
    Hiya Willie GBU...But under this new Covenant Gal 3:28....There is no more Jew or Gentile Bond or free Male or Female....WE are all one in Christ Jesus.

    .....Willie we are all the same,....we all have to be bornagain of an incorruptible seed even by the words of God the living word as Bro. Peter tells us...without Jesus seed the living word we cannot be bornagain....Thats y he has to know us....Thats when the good seed is sown in our hearts initiating a birth of Christ in us....The son of man...mankinds fruit unto God via hearing his voice...Whosoever receiveth not the Kingdom of God as a lil Child he will in no wise enter there in...GB
  • Free - In Reply on 1 Corinthians 14 - 1 year ago
    Dear "Willie milton", i don't quite understand your intention with this post. Because as far as i can see Hebrews 5:1 has nothing to do with women's periods. Otherwise, i see what you mean and it's right.

    The Holy Spirit fills the person who is willing to do God's Will. Jesus Himself had to submit to God.

    God bless u in Jesus name, love u in Christ. John 5:1-15

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