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  • Yules on Job 41
    Praise our Lord and Saviour High Priest Warrior and our Apostel King Jesus Son of Creator God our dear friend for revealing all truth unto us his servants and disciples for his name is worthy calling us to be weary being alert on how the enemy creeps into our lives and making it possible to defeat the enemy by the faith we profess using the truth of the word conquering over the enemy.For job was in war fare with one of the fallen angels appearing as a god to torment him as what all disciples are tempted and persecuted and being deceived at times
  • Streetpreacher - in Reply on Job 41
    Thank you and may God bless your call to evangelize your fellowman.

    The story of Paul at the stoning of Stephen the evangelist, so changed my life as a new Christian (1985). I read through Paul's story like a big sponge.

    When I think of Stephen being stoned and Jesus riding to his feet__I can't even describe the feelings of victory.

    Jesus confronted Paul on the road to Damascus to kill more Christians. Glory to God!

    There would be more Evangelists on Earth Now, if we would heed the CALL in how Paul responded.

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