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  • Walter Mintz on Revelation 7
    I have a question. Are the 144,000 raptured during the Great Tribulation, or are they killed?
  • Free - in Reply
    Love you all. Now, in Jesus' name, read the entire chapter of Revelation 7.

    It is not about ordinary you and me who have received this seal!

    If anyone were to think that only this number would go to heaven, Then there will be plenty of room for people in heaven. From what I have learned there shall be a Countless Crowd of people praising the Lord night and day. Revelation 19

    Love u all in Christ and must God Father Him Self bless u all with Gods understanding. Luke 21
  • Luke - in Reply
    The fly away doctrine is a soul hunt, all who are alive during the tribulation will remain and will go through it.

    The 144,000 are redeemed from the earth during the time, meaning they went astray, fell into idol worship by false teaching false doctrine believing Christ comes first (He does not) but after realizing satan is not the Christ the 144,000 turn away from, stand against satan, and are redeemed.
  • Streetpreacher - in Reply on Revelation 7
    Read some of Nelson Walters teachings on YouTube.

    Type: Nelson Walters 144,000

    I like his stuff. I've been waiting for someone to put out videos on the 10 nations. He has. And it includes Turkey which is the one, no one wants to discuss.
  • Richard H Priday - in Reply on Revelation 7
    It is clear that after these 144,000 are marked; that they are not affected by the remaining seal and trumpet judgments before they are taken up to heaven. ( Rev. 14:1). Since they are standing on Mt. Sion (the spiritual true Mt. Zion in heaven) as opposed to the martyrs under the throne apparently awaiting resurrection bodies ( Rev. 6:9-11) it would appear that they are as the scripture indicates taken to heaven as "redeemed" firstfruits ( Rev. 14:2-4). So therefore; it appears that they are raptured; as firstfruits would include O.T. saints (some of which came out of the grave after the Resurrection of Christ; and the church possibly also including the rest of the godly O.T. saints at different intervals). It would certainly appear with their sealing that it could encompass not dying but I'm not sure that can be proven from that verse. In theory; it is even possible that they could be like the 2 prophets who die and are resurrected about the same time (that could I suppose mean they are all killed at one time and subsequently resurrected rather than raptured). That's the only possibility I see.

    It is rather controversial the timing of the O.T. saints (which in the book of Daniel seems to occur around the midpoint of the Trib) and that of the whole true believing church (which occurs in conjunction and immediately preceeding the Rapture as I see it). Again; we do have Enoch and Elijah who were taken out of this world; although it appears Elijah has been preserved and never given a Resurrected Body; and perhaps if Enoch is the second witness according to the Hebrews 9:27 principle he also was preserved; but possibly he was raptured. And the saints coming out of the graves was the beginning of a series of events between the Resurrection (Christ being first of firstfruits) and the rest of the firstfruits such as the 144,000.

    That's my best take on it; remember most will die in the Trib; a few will survive physically until and through the 1000 years.
  • OLD MAN WILSON - in Reply on Revelation 7

    What if there is not a COLLECTIVE rapture of the church?

    Isaiah 27:12 ....and ye shall be gathered ONE by ONE, ye children of Israel.

    What if the 144,000 (symbolic, not literal) are the Old Testament Saints that were resurrected with Christ?

    Matthew 27:52 And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose.

    God Bless you.
  • YOUNG MAN SPALDING - in Reply on Revelation 7
    The Bible is not about "what ifs"
  • OLD MAN WILSON - in Reply on Revelation 7
    Young Man:

    God's word's:

    Romans 3:3 For WHAT IF some do not believe? shall there UNBELIEF make the faith of God without effect?

    What if, is a QUESTION.

    If you study God's Word you will find God asking thousand of QUESTION.

    Those scriptures end with a QUESTION MARK.

    Go look, God wants you to know the answers to those QUESTIONS.

    God Bless YOU.

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