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  • John
    I think I know what this means but if you do not forgive somebody does that mean that you don't get to go to heaven because if you can't forgive somebody then your heavenly father can't forgive you I hope I said that right thank you
  • Learning to Be More Like Jesus - in Reply
    Unforgiveness is sort of like a LAWSUIT without a Ruling or a Decision.

    It takes way more ENERGY to maintain unforgiveness.

    Forgive, in Jesus Name. Forbid Satan to keep stirring the ashes.

    If that person refuses to drop the issue; that may be a friend you need to let go. Forgive. Take their name out of your contact list.

    If 2 Christians "go to law" with each other, both of them are being heard in the Court of Heaven.

    Our lives are harder when we don't read the Bible that often. We have great times together in here sorting through various scriptures that help explain things better. It's fun.
  • John - in Reply
    Thank thank you for responding last 5 years my ex-wife my son's mom she's been in a nursing home she's only 52 she has hunting disease stage 3 it's only been me in Jesus Christ my son well he doesn't go he's 18 in 2 days he doesn't live with me anymore he moved out he's going to finish school with another family that's another story but he's fine he told me what he left he's not a church person that's okay but his mom I'm not allowed to see her anymore because she seems thick she's mad at me so I told him that if he doesn't help out and check on her and everything will never talk and I'll probably never forgive him see I love my son I do those five years well when you have the Lord Jesus Christ I love he gives you something happened but anyways I think you know what I'm trying to say thank you forgive me for all the text thank you
  • Richard H Priday - in Reply
    There would seem to be two parameters here. We need to acknowledge that forgiveness of sins is still necessary after one is "Born Again" as long as we remain in our old bodies; with the potential for corrupted behaviors if we are not subject to Him in putting these old works to death. Since there are verses about sitting down before your brother before taking your gift before the altar and forgiving "seventy times seven" we certainly can bear the scars as long as we are in these mortal bodies because of the result of our sins. It was grace that allowed David to be forgiven of adultery and deliberately putting Uriah the Hittite in a position to be killed hence setting him up. Both sins according to the law were worthy of death; the Prophet told David that he would not die (grace); however he was to lose his child by Bathsheeba. This grief would not last forever; as David foresaw that he would go to see his child; not vice versa implying after his death. Consequences in Corinthians also show how communion unworthily taken can result in early death.

    This begs the question as to whether anything can be forgiven for the unregenerate. On a surface level actions can be forgiven; at least among men. The comment to the Pharisee about those who are forgiven much love much ( Luke 7:36 and continuing into next chapter) shows that the heart of stone ( Ezekiel 11:19) was not converted in his case to one of flesh. All we can do as sinners is try to avoid the consequences of largely external actions. The heart where all the thoughts of evil or bad fruit come from ( Matthew 15:19) must be transformed so that we can understand we have offended a Holy God whenever we transgress against those made in the image of God (in reality in the image of man since Adam). All mankind should be treated with dignity as an eternal soul; even in a fallen state.

    In short; we cannot lose our salvation but until glorification sin remains. We should mend things fast ( Prov. 18:19!)
  • John - in Reply
    Thank you for your information I read it thank you again may all your prayers will be answered take care

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