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  • Carl Daubenspeck on Exodus 1 - 1 year ago
    As I research the Bible and learn to read for understanding there are some very interesting results I find. I have been seeking reasoning behind verse 8 that tell us that "a new king arose who knew not Joseph".

    This seems preposterous on its face as Joseph was the reason Egypt had its great wealth and had been saved from destruction from the famine that would have wiped out most of the known world at the time. Save for Joseph.

    If there was any viability to their historical record keeping, and it was fairly vast there would be no reason that any king or Pharaoh consecutively reigning would not have had a grasp on the historical record of their own country.

    Then in verse 10 the administration is discussing the possibility of a national security dilemma with the "foreign nationals" having grown to such a large number. They call for them to be "got them up and out of the land". But they set task masters over them thereby not removing them from the land but retaining them for slave labor.

    This account is telling to the psychology of our humanity and an excellent study on sociology.

    This fact runs through most of history where a tyrant arises and the citizenry becomes docile and allow for the terrible actions of a few people that ruin the lives of millions. When the fact remains the amount of people that are being placed under subjection are easily more than the oppressor. Sheer numbers warrant that no one should ever be able to contrive any form of oppression over a mass number of people. But yet it happens. Why? Because of no leadership? A very interesting thought and I continue to question why it is still happening today.
  • David - In Reply on Exodus 1 - 1 year ago
    Carl It is natural mans nature to have someone to look up to but not God, histroy proves this constantly. When God

    called people out i.e. Moses Joshua the judges the profits, the reason the people revered them because they said what

    and what they did and spoke GOD BACKED UP. IT Was the miraculous that got their attention and even then when their needs were met they complained. Again natural man and even a lot of so called Christians. Most natural men don't care who gets in office or power as long as it works for their purpose. An interesting note why does a candidate spent 30 million dollars for an office that pays 250,000 a year, its not logical. Most people mentally buy what an individual is telling them again when it fits

    with what they think right or wrong as long as they profit. The children of ISRAEL IS A TREMENDOUS EXAMPLE OF THIS.
  • Alex N - In Reply on Exodus 1 - 1 year ago
    2 ND COR. 4 : 4 .KJV ..In whom the god of this present world has blinded the minds of them that believe not....Lest the light of this glorious Gospel of Christ who is the image of God should shine in them....Satan is truly the god of this present world...

    Our beautiful America has become another Sodom and Gomarrah....And our leaders love it so....They say we must be politically correct ....God have mercy on this nation and all the world.

    ......ALL the world is becoming another Sodom and Gomarrah....And satan is the father of it....As Jesus said that Satan is the Father of all lies...GB...Plead the BLOOD of Jesus on all your Children every day....His blood is that New COVENANT that we all have to drink...Spiritually speaking...GB
  • Alex N - In Reply on Exodus 1 - 1 year ago
    Hi Carl lemme give ya my slant on this world and All the evil that is in it....From the time of ADAM to this present time ....Satan has tried to destroy mans life with wars and such....But God always worked with a few folks like Abraham and Issac and Jacob and Joseph....But there was none righteous no not one....Simply b/c Satan is the GOD of this present world and has Blinded the eyes of our leaders....OF ALL NATIONS....Just look at Russsia and this horrible war that is going on there....not even going to mention the horrible unrest in the streets of AMERICA A CHRISTIAN NATION....SUPPOSEBLY.....Our leaders are possesed with the Devil.

    ......Satan is truly the God of this present world....Even at this present time we are all taken with the things of this world.

    .......But the GOOD NEWS is Christ that 2 nd adam has died for ALL THE WORLD.....He paid the price for every body.

    ........Many times i think about the 6.5 million JEWS that died in Hitlers death Camps....Satan is truly the God of this present

    WORLD.....In Adam we all die but in Christ Jesus we will ALL LIVE....There is a new COVENANT ON THE HORIZON WHICH

    STATES " I WILL KNOW THEM ALL FROM THE LEAST TO THE GREATEST) ...When that Book is opened in the Fathers right hand...

    .....Any way Carl thank you for that post GBU in Jesus name.
  • Chris - In Reply on Exodus 1 - 1 year ago
    Hello Carl. To your comment, "Sheer numbers warrant that no one should ever be able to contrive any form of oppression over a mass number of people. But yet it happens. Why? Because of no leadership? A very interesting thought and I continue to question why it is still happening today."

    Theoretically, yes. Practically, it is the leadership (government), however small numerically, who has the power & the resources to back it up. Generally, the populace hasn't got the will, stamina, or firepower to withstand a govt. At times, coups have been mounted, some successful, most others, not so. But for the preservation of life & family and lack of equivalent or greater ordnance, most would rather be subjected to despotic regimes or at best, attempt flight.

    I don't think any nation has ever seen a righteous government, which upholds the Laws of God, abhors evil, metes out true justice & shows true compassion. Governments are as wicked as the people whom they're supposed to serve and I believe, will have a lot more to answer for in that day of reckoning.

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