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  • Carl Daubenspeck on Exodus 1 - 1 year ago
    As I research the Bible and learn to read for understanding there are some very interesting results I find. I have been seeking reasoning behind verse 8 that tell us that "a new king arose who knew not Joseph".

    This seems preposterous on its face as Joseph was the reason Egypt had its great wealth and had been saved from destruction from the drought that would have wiped out most of the known world at the time. Save for Joseph.

    If there was any viability to there historical record keeping, and it was fairly vast there would be no reason that any king or Pharaoh consecutively reigning would not have had a grasp on the historical record of their own country.

    Then in verse 10 the administration is discussing the possibility of a national security dilemma with the "foreign nationals" having grown to such a large number. They call for them to be "got them up and out of the land". But they set task masters over them thereby not removing them from the land but retaining them for slave labor.

    This account is telling to the psychology of our humanity and an excellent study on sociology.

    This fact runs through most of history where a tyrant arises and the citizenry becomes docile and allow for the terrible actions of a few people that ruin the lives of millions. When the fact remains the amount of people that are being placed under subjection are easily more than the oppressor. Sheer numbers warrant that no one should ever be able to contrive any form of oppression over a mass number of people. But yet it happens. Why? Because of no leadership? A very interesting thought and I continue to question why it is still happening today.

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