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  • SHEILA BENNETT on 1 Corinthians 14 - 1 year ago
    Can just anyone visit your congregation and say God sent them to be a watchman in your congregation and another in another county is this decent and decent order of God teach me I'm teachable correct me if I asked an disorderly question please ?
  • David - In Reply on 1 Corinthians 14 - 1 year ago
    Sheila Bennett Three biblical truths whether something is from the God and father of our lord and saviour

    first it cannot contradict His WORD POINT TWO IT has to GLORY God and Jesus CHRIST three it must be a blessing to the giver and receiver and build up the body of CHRIST THE CHURCH. EXAMPLE a brother of mine committed to God to go and hold forth

    Gods word for one year. Five months into the year he shows up where I was working and I ask him whats he doing back home.

    he said he had a sign from God and saw geese flying north in winter instead of south and it was a sign. I lovingly ask him do you

    believe that God would do that after you made a personal commitment to Him to do what you said and then show something to break that commitment, especially when God opened doors and made it available for you to do what you committed to. So bottom line as long as it lines up with it is written and also when God opens doors they open easy especially if He wants you to do something and ask and pray first. Phillipians 4:19.

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