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  • Stephanie
    What age in the Bible are we acountability of our son and be judged
  • Parents are to teach the children or all will be cursed - in Reply
    Deuteronomy 11

    16 Take heed to yourselves, that your heart be not deceived, and ye turn aside, and serve other gods, and worship them;

    17 And then the LORD'S wrath be kindled against you, and he shut up the heaven, that there be no rain, and that the land yield not her fruit; and lest ye perish quickly from off the good land which the LORD giveth you.

    18 Therefore shall ye lay up these my words in your heart and in your soul, and bind them for a sign upon your hand, that they may be as frontlets between your eyes.

    19 And ye shall teach them your children, speaking of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, when thoand when thou risest up.

    20 And thou shalt write them up

    21 That your days may be multiplied, and the days of your children, in the land which the LORD sware unto your fathers to give them, as the days of heaven upon the earth.

    22 For if ye shall diligently keep all these commandments which I command you, to do them, to love the LORD your God, to walk in all his ways, and to cleave unto him;

    23 Then will the LORD drive out all these nations from before you, and ye shall possess greater nations and mightier than yourselves.

    24 Every place whereon the soles of your feet shall tread shall be yours: from the wilderness and Lebanon, from the river, the river Euphrates, even unto the uttermost sea shall your coast be.

    25 There shall no man be able to stand before you: for the LORD your God shall lay the fear of you and the dread of you upon all the land that ye shall tread upon, as he hath said unto you.

    26 Behold, I set before you this day a blessing and a curse;

    27 A blessing, if ye obey the commandments of the LORD your God, which I command you this day:

    28 And a curse, if ye will not obey the commandments of the LORD your God, but turn aside out of the way which I command you this day, to go after other gods, which ye have not known.

    Parents are to teach the children or all will be cursed
  • Adam - in Reply
    This is an indirect answer to your question, but Jesus was twelve when he began acting independent and spent 3 days in Jerusalem apparently talking with doctors and teachers.

    I believe age 13 is Jewish bar mitzvah- coming of age.

    It wasn't until age 30 that Jesus started His ministry.

    God bless.
  • Free - in Reply
    Dear "Stephanie" we are not to judge at all, and do not judge children.

    It is good that we have the authorities looking after and keeping all this in order. We must forgive and forgive as much as

    Matthew 18:22. Even a child cannot judge for himself / herself what he / she is doing wrong.

    You may want to be comforted by the word here: Luke 7:15

    Stay strong in the word of God pray incessant, cast out demons with the word of God. Always in Jesus Christs holy name. The child can not be blamed for evil spirits. Never lose heart/hope and always be happy. God bless u and yours in Jesus name, love u in Christ.

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