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  • Leon Duncan on 1 John 3
    Why is the churches always asking and collecting money?

    Why do the church always dress Jesus's in fancy clothing?

    Why does the church always dress Jesus's, Mother Mary and the Angels with gold, silver and diamonds?
  • Principles For Tithes and Offerings - in Reply on 1 John 3
    I just want to add one thought about tithing and offerings.

    Your giving is AS UNTO THE LORD JESUS.

    Tithes are 10% of your net income. This is for the needs of the local church.

    If you are faithful to give this, without complaint; God will help you out some way when you have more month than money:

    He may help you get a promotion or a better job. He may give you wisdom how to save money for "long months"; curb impulse spending, or money for entertainments etc.

    Offerings are exactly what it means. You give OVER the tithe, out of your need. It is given to your church for repairs or needs. It is given to the church missionaries (those sent to other nations). You can bless a church member who has just lost their job; you can believe God for money for new tires or repairs on your car, etc.

    Mark the envelope that this is an offering.

    This is money given between you and God. He knows exactly how best to repay you. Some people are healed of diseases. I am not saying that offerings can buy healing. The offering is holy unto God. It's about obedience and faith.

    The Principle

    Ecclesiastes 11:1 - Cast thy bread upon the waters: [faith in action] for thou shalt find it after many days.

  • T. Levis - in Reply on 1 John 3
    Believers are the Body of Christ, the Church. Matthew 7:13-29, Luke 19, Matthew 10:16-42, Acts 20:28-30, Jude 1, whole chapter.

    Hopefully this is helpful
  • Adam - in Reply
    Hi Leon, I can try answering your questions.

    First question: church organizations are not free government services, but cost lots of money to exist: building, property, taxes, utilities, maintenance, staff, like ministers who do that full time also have to have money to live. Members help pay for this. It's not wrong to ask members and attendees to pay a fair share, to contribute and not just be a parasite. Most do not coerce and some don't even ask. There is Biblical support to ask people to support churches.

    Second question: most churches don't show Jesus in any likeness or representation, because of verses like: Exodus 20:4-5. When I see pictures of Jesus online they are not in fancy clothes. In fact I have never seen that. What church denomination are you referring to that shows such pictures?

    Third question: I'm beginning to think you are talking about catholicism by chance? Because the answer to your 3rd question is the Christian churches who follow the Bible don't not do that. It's wrong to worship Mary and the Pope, and no one else comes between you and the father, but Jesus. John 14:6. God bless.

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