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  • Carolyn Walker
    One question I have always wondered about and have never got a straight answer to is back in the Bible days God did so many wonderful things right in front of the people but now he does not do that. I know he is doing it all the time but you do not see Him or Jesus doing these things? God Bless You All and this site, it is great! Amen.
  • Coming Together As People of America - in Reply
    Miracles happen every day. There are many prophesies about Israel coming on the scene almost every day. Read the Book of Daniel and minor prophets books.

    Put the verse in Google; put a comma and type COMMENTARIES, Bible

    I choose the ones with Bible in their link (BibleHub, Bible ref, and others)

    Reading them opens up the scriptures.

    Compare Matthew 24 and Luke 21, to disaster websites on YouTube: the Two Preachers, Angry Earth. Seeing the truth happening every day is an eye opener.

    What's happening in the USA is on the level with a lot of prophesy. Half of the USA is in serious drought. 5 states out west are trying to figure out how to divide water up amongst them. They need water for electric.

    What few have thought of; no rain, no water, NO CROPS! The food shortages will go on until this nation cries out to God every day for rain. The book of JOB says that God owns the storehouses of rain, snow and hail. Let's look that up, ok? I pray every day for rain, for cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, everything we eat. I hope a lot more people will join in, asking for rain to fall upon us.

    If MY PEOPLE who are called by my name will humble themselves, pray and seek My FaceTHEN will I hear them

    We need to pray and fast; make it a habit.

    Fast from food, tv, social media, video games, the usual stuff. I don't watch tv at all. I watch videos on youtube to stay on top of disasters, thought leaders meetings, UN statements, right now many places in China are underwater. Africa has drought & most peoples livestock has died. South Americans are coming to USA because they've endured a year of flooding. No homes no jobs, it's all washed away.

    If we care about this nation, no offense intended, we need to unite in one party color to get our VOICE as a nation, back.We don't have to be going through this. We have resources. I have 3 words: Reregister your party at the post office. The times of us against them, is over. They don't listen to us anyway.
  • Ken - in Reply
    Surely, God is still doing miracles. If we look at what's happening globally - miracles are happening everywhere, such as: China, Syria, Iran and of course throughout Africa.

    In the west, we can be blinkered to the wider picture.
  • Suze - in Reply
    The Israelites saw many awesome evidences of God , they heard His voice in mount Sinai , that had a pillars of cloud that gave them shade during the day and a pillar of fire that gave them warmth and light at night , they were fed manna , they drank water from a rock in the dessert and despite all this , they rebelled and disobeyed and did not trust or believe God . Think of all the miracles Jesus performed . It made no difference to most of the Jews , they killed him . God has revealed Himself openly to the masses in the past and how did they respond ? I believe that God still does reveal Himself today but on a much more personal and intimate level , to us as individual Christians , when He gives us eyes to see Him at work in our own lives and in the world and ears to hear His voice when He says ' here is the way , walk in it ' . Keep your eyes and ears open and you will see and hear Him . Much love in Christ .

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