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  • Thea on Genesis 3
    What was the fruit? Was it really an apple of fig? Or is there also a deeper meaning in the

    word fruit?
  • Adam - in Reply on Genesis 3
    Hi Thea,

    I believe it was a literal fruit and likely a fruit type that was native to that area. Apples, bananas, watermelon, etc. aren't native and are unlikely. Figs, dates, grapes, olives, pomegranates, for example, are native in my understanding, and seem more likely to have been the fruit tree. Of course the Garden of Eden was special and may have contained every fruit imaginable, but I just don't think it seems as likely Eve bit into a Washington-state grown Red Delicious Apple.
  • Richard H Priday - in Reply
    There is; as can be seen from the other commentaries and from studying scripture itself no clear definition here. i find it interesting; as a theory that it was sort of the opposite of the Tree of Life. We know from the end of Revelation that plants will exist for healing ( Rev. 22:2). The Tree of Life as has been also discussed in other forum responses is now in heaven from what we can see. It would seem; therefore that the knowledge of good and evil is a sort of opposite "tree of death." There is some reason to believe that as the Tree of Life would literally allow for living forever as Genesis indicates; the other tree instigated death in some sense; along with the spiritual implication of rebellion could very well be some sort of genetic change that would cause cells to become compromised from their original design; and allow for death throughout the earth's other animal and plant kingdoms; and ultimately even the moon and stars not being pure in His sight ( Job 25:5). Satan himself has tried apparently to mess with the genetic makeup when his emissaries had relations with man; and perhaps the mark of the Beast causes a change where human DNA no longer is such but some hybrid (similar to literal relations with women and their offspring in the past by Nephilim).

    It should be pointed out that indeed God does know the difference between good and evil; but He himself cannot sin; nor imagine rebellion. We as Christians are told to be "wise as serpents; innocent as doves." ( Matt. 10:16). Once we internalized sin; literally and figuratively there is no turning back. Ultimately; we regain life; in the order that it was lost; first spiritual then physical in the Resurrection. We are restored with a right relation with our Creator; but in a different plan from the original one through Christ's atoning and interceding method. It is sobering to consider Gen. 3:15 in light of the cost to God's Son as well as our own individual and corporate loss to all men.
  • ITS NOT HOLLYWOOD_ITS THE END OF SIN FOREVER-Streetpreacher - in Reply on Genesis 3
    In Genesis when God had finished creating, He said it was GOOD. All the trees were good for food.

    Only one was forbidden to eat of it. Tree of Life.

    So they disobeyed and ate of the Tree of the knowledge of GOOD AND EVIL. All of a sudden they notice they have no covering. They used fig leaves because they were there.

    They were covered by purity until they sinned.

    God confronted them. They confessed. God performed the first sacrifice of an animal and made them clothes.

    The Tree of Life was immediately guarded by an Angel with a flaming sword. If they had eaten of that tree they would live eternally in sin without forgiveness.

    One of Jesus's names is Tree of Life.

    No archaeologists have been able to find where the garden of Eden was. Revelation shoes us that The Tree of Life was moved. Revelation 22:2

    Also, the Ark of the Covenant is in heaven. Revelation 11:19. I believe when the Antichrist arrives at Armageddon to fight against Jesus and his army of the saints of God, on white horses: the Ark of the Testament will slay Antichrist's army. Antichrist's doom is to be thrown into hell, with the False Prophet and the Beast.

    I prayed over that event. The Bride of Christ (the saints of God) aren't going to hack through a million man army, and fill the battlefield up to the horses bridles. We see violence on tv and don't even blink. True?

    The Ark will slay Jesus's enemies. I believe we will be over the top with joy and victory at the end. To see our Beloved's Victory over Satan

    I think "The Church" has been, for a few decades; lukewarm, deaf to Jesus's command to GO YE. Evangelize the lost and those that are blind and deaf that there is GOOD NEWS; if they will repent and grab onto Jesus. He is the Ark. Like Noah did, we gotta preach, Listen!! This is all going to BURN. Wall to wall fire. 2 PETER 3:9-11

    God wrote it. He's going to do it. One asteroid caused total extinction on earth: killed all the dinosaurs.
  • Marke - in Reply on Genesis 3
    Reply to "It's not Hollywood"

    Dinosaurs were not killed by an asteroid impact. That theory is scientifically silly.
  • INDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE - in Reply on Genesis 3
    They carbon dated the bones. New ones and those in museums. They dated rocks. Recently the carbon dated bones from an animal, tiny compared to dinosaurs. They lived much longer in comparison.

    Those are the CONIES that the Bible mentions. Because of where they were found, the conies lived underground. They survived and got water from roots of plants.

    It's a big deal for scientists and archaeologists to agree on something. Why did God mention the Conies?

    There's a whole harvest of atheists out there who need to hear that news. That and the fact that space study satellites have sent back photos of all 9 planets and some of the moons. They saw/see DRY LAKE BEDS. All planets HAD water at some time.

    This is verifiable. Just got to do a lot of fancy googling to find these records. What happened to the water? Ask God. He's a master builder and only He has the plans.

    I'd get saved (born again) so I could listen to the advent and demise of certain events.

    Scientists are carbon dating all kinds of things. To hear them agree on anything is mind boggling. Then you leap with joy. Our God is AWESOME. He did this. He chose now to reveal it.

    There's the usual atheist explanations and then you find the ones from the scientists that examine data that is VISUAL!!! Some lie, and some are telling the truth.

    Doesn't that sound like "the voice of one crying out in the wilderness of unbelief?? (Reference to John the Baptist)

    Let's get off our ergonomic chairs and read of these accounts. Some programs are on PBS. I feel sorry for Stephen Hawkins. I think he wanted to find God, but his body gave out. The community of scientists LIVE OFF grant money. It's hard for them. Someone pray for them to be confronted with indisputable evidence.

    Go find those videos. You'll be blessed and energized. The stories are recent. God has me reading on stuff I'm not particularly interested in. Ask PBS to rerun those videos.

  • Marke - in Reply on Genesis 3
    Reply to "Indisputable evidence."

    I recommend creationist scientific research publications. Creationist researchers tend to expose the flaws in secular scientists' methods that give them erroneous results.
  • T. Levis - in Reply on Genesis 3
    Genesis 3,

    The fruit was of the "tree of the knowledge of good & evil"

    Genesis 2:9 " And out of the ground made the LORD God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food, the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil"

    Genesis 2:15-17, Genesis 3:22

    It is symbolic, spiritual & seemingly literal. If it were an apple tree, or fig I believe it would have said. See Matthew 21:19, Genesis 1:11,

    Knowledge of good and evil, yet GOD's Word says the things of evil, we shouldn't learn. Genesis 6:5, Genesis 48:16, Exodus 32:2, Numbers 13 -14, Deuteronomy 1:39, (in context Deuteronomy 1:20-40 ) Hebrews 10:22, James 1:13-27,

    Romans 16:19-20

    James 1:5,

    Hopefully these are all helpful
  • Dav47 - in Reply on Genesis 3
    2nd part Tried to use Hebrew letters , but they didn't post but translation is still good.
  • Dav47 - in Reply on Genesis 3
    Long subject but will try to condense as much as possible: It is sad to this day churches teach little kids that eating an apple caused sin when the word apple is not even in the whole of Genesis. Heb-ets=fruit trees was commanded by GOD good to eat.

    Gen 3:3 Hebrew =(fruit) Noun masculine=this particular instance it leads to the seed of Satan; 2 Corinthians 11:3 beguile translated-wholly seduced. Hebrew verb: (touch) = ; is a primitive root meaning to lie with a woman; fruit of the womb is the impregnation of the seed Gen 3:6 Serpent was, is most beautiful of all GODS creations that Eve nor even Adam could resist. Serpent ( Rev 12:9) more subtle than all GODS creation, which HE made the full package of beauty, might and cunningness; Eze 28:13 He was called the glistening 1 because of his shining glory. He was wise and cunning and led Eve down a dark past where the tares would be planted in the world; having twins Cain and Abel 1 bad and 1 good. Gen 4:2 (again) =Heb. yasaph = continue, she continued in labor; Cain and Abel were fraternal twins by 2 different fathers Satan and Adam both coming to the age of accountability at same time Heb 11:4. Joh 8:44 Matthew 13:27-29. Genesis 3:10 They only knew they were naked after the act of seduction; only then did they realize their private parts and felt ashamed. They didn't use leaves to cover their mouths but their privates, fig leaves at that, which leads us to learn the parable of the fig tree, Gen 3:7; Enemy of GOD sewed the seed, Satan's seed, Rev 12:9. Genesis 3:15 1st prophecy of the bible where the sons of Satan bruised CHRIST heels on the cross but CHRIST will bruise his head. Between Satan seed (tares/Kennites=sons of Cain) and the man Adams seed where the fallen angels left their 1st habitation to seduce the daughters of eth haw adam in a second attempt to corrupt the seed line from which CHRIST from umbilical cord to umbilical cord would come..
  • Marke - in Reply on Genesis 3
    I do not believe Cain's physical father was Satan while Abel's physical father was Adam, with Eve giving birth to both sons at the same time because she supposedly had sex with both fathers at the same time. That whole idea is preposterous and borders on the demonic.
  • THE TRUTH AND THE LIES__Streetpreacher - in Reply on Genesis 3
    Glistening is not in the Bible. I checked. Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration, was described as


    Your claim of Cain and Abel being twins is not recorded as one birth, two kids. It is 2 separate births.

    Eve gave birth to Cain, Abel, Seth, and many others.

    She did not have a child with Satan/serpent. Satan had no body. God put him into a serpent before Eden. Human body parts don't match with serpent parts.

    EPHESIANS 6, says that Satan and demons are invisible. They can get inside of sinful willing humans. Jesus cast a herd of pigs possessed with demons over a cliff. The Bible clearly says the man among the tombs had a legion of demons inside of him. They're real.

    They get inside of animals and living things. If the HOST dies, they have to find another body or remain invisible.

    Christians have the Armor of God to fight against THE INVISIBLE evil spirits.

    Have you ever Googled the Church of Satan? They get together and do evil stuff and pray for PORTALS to the dark world to be opened do more evil spirits can do evil to mankind, make people sin and Harden Their Hearts against God; mock Jesus.

    My Aunt was into spiritism: she read Tarot, Did spells, pushed aliens from space, crystals, talismans, the whole show. She hooked up with a guy who was into the same stuff, but he was a HOST for wicked spirits. I made both of them furious when she tried to make my mom believe in their craft.

    This is true. That night in bed on my stomach almost asleep; something invisible grabbed my forehead and chin and tried to break my neck. I was pleading the Blood of Jesus with every cell.

    Something pulled it off of me. I looked and didn't see anything. Then I hear through the open window a violent fight, loud body blows (angels). Next morning my aunt and friend were gone, real early. My mom said she didn't believe in the Roswell incident book. Wicked human spirits

    get inside of willing people.

    Don't teach heresy.
  • Dav47 - in Reply on Genesis 3
    Need to get off Satan's playground =(google) and open the WORD of GOD before its too late. I always let GODS WORD speak for it self, don't use google never will! Everything I need I can get from WORD of GOD. Sounds like you are in a den of evil spirits from watching too much youtube? Flee from it before it consumes you and lost forever. It is written that those who teach truth will be ridiculed and mocked especially in these end times, soon very soon America will try to call the Bible hate speech, just as happening in other so called Christian nations. Some sites cant even post scripture for the WORD of GOD being called hate speech. People there is one coming that tempted the WORD in the flesh HIMSELF and if you don't study with understanding you don't stand a chance, get out of confusion time is short!!
  • Love is of God - in Reply on Genesis 3
    I thank God for this website. I also watch former Churches on YouTube, or ministers that I met in person and really like how they open the word. I stay on top of news events. I do not watch television networks at all. I visit with my elderly neighbors a few times a week. Today a disabled man who works at a dollar store, said how he needed coffee because his aunt & uncle are heavy coffee drinkers.

    I'm going back tomorrow to give him my box of coffee. It hurts me to see others struggle alone. I really enjoy hours spent right here talking about the Bible. I don't come in here to make people feel worse if they're feeling dragged down or spread thin. Let us edify each other., ok. Thanks.
  • T. Levis - in Reply on Genesis 3

    Genesis 4:1, Genesis 4:2, Seems to clearly state these are seperate births. Twins are also seemingly clearly described within the Bible Genesis 25:22-26, Esau & Jacob being fraternal twins, Genesis 38:27, Pharez & Zarah.

    We need to be careful not to add to scripture.
  • Dav47 - in Reply on Genesis 3
    Did you know Thomas was also a twin? not clear to many that he was. It doesn't always lay down so clear. Have to take back to original languages sometimes. All depends on the writer and the message. Not all are given eyes to see. I plant a seed and only GOD can make it grow. It is plainly outlined what happened and it would take 2 pages. CHRIST said learn the parable of the fig tree, didn't ask HIS followers too, HE said learn it. You have good figs and bad who claim to be of Judah but are not but are the seed of Satan. physical fact and it started in the garden of Eve. If people don't understand the beginning how will they ever understand the end?
  • Streetpreacher - in Reply on Genesis 3
    I appreciate when others explain languages in Hebrew of Greek. Everything we do as Teachers gets closer scrutiny by the Lord. Not everyone is a scholar. I have 36 years of street ministry on my feet.

    I think teachers and students should appreciate, not alienate. Try always to edify. If someone else is good with languages, I let them answer it later. Adios amigos .)

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