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  • Shawn G Harding
    I see for I have faith.

    My ear same as my father's


    I hear for so I keep!

    I speak for my ghost,he who was.

    He who is!

    he who he will be!

    To hear the words of or king!

    To inturpit them as our own path

    Is not to follow one

    Is to have a choice.

    His path is a circle!

    Your path is a direction

    With beginning and end!

    For you to see

    There is light!

    For you who can't.

    There is dark.

    Life's scale is of choices

    Which is two!

    So with this you choose!

    Can you hear my spirit!

    Can you feel me with you!

    For I am real i am born again!

    My name has changed

    My soul the same!

    For I am one !

    My father my holy ghost!

    I pray for all mankind!

    Will they pray. Or cast a stone!

    I am the beginning with out end!I am the first I am the last .alpha and omega


    Blessed of those who have sight who hear

    Who do not judge or pierce ones side.
  • Free - in Reply
    Dear "Shawn G Harding" Thank you for the kind words and the praise, Hallelujah praised be our Lord forever. He will follow us so that we will find the way to the eternal dwellings, Amen

    Stay strong in Him Jesus Romans 2:16-17 love u in Christ.

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