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  • Ginia on Job 41

    Leviathan is a sea dragon..God broke its heads and fed it to the ppl.

    (There are more then 1 leviathan though.. more remain in depths of sea..I personally believe they kept Satan from trying to escape his prison, earth.. but they could be there for other reason.. either way they are there to protect something or prevent, stop something that could occur if they weren't present)
  • Free - in Reply on Job 41
    Dear Ginia, Peace what you describe is on the devil, he doesn't look after himself, does he? Job 40 and 41 chapter.

    I think You will need to read this and the referrals several times. I myself have heard a useful sermon from Derek Prince, about the enemies we meet. On youtube, Useful information and learning.

    Be blessed in the name of Jesus and know that everything is easy on the path of light. Jesus Loves You, i love u in Christ.

    John 20:1-10

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