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  • Mukula Makasa on Numbers 21
    What would be the Object Lesson of Numbers Chapter 23.

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  • Chris - in Reply on Numbers 21
    Onto Numbers chapter 23.

    We now see a 'converted' Balaam, one who goes to the Lord to receive His Word & then speaks it with boldness, even to a king who has the power to take his life in an instant. When once he thought he could make gain by getting God to change His Mind, Balaam now learned to heed every Word of God & to declare it without fear or shame.

    The lesson: For us as well, when we know God's Word & what His Spirit directs us to do, we must not fail to heed it and do it. God will be pleased, we will be blessed, and those who stand in opposition against us will one day know the word brought to them is of the Lord & He will indeed bring it to pass. And they need to heed it & not be foolish & resistant like Balak.

    In this chapter, we see a changed Balaam, one who confidently gave God's Word to Balak & brought it out in a series of parables (actually, poems). Balak tried hard to convince Balaam to bless Moab, but each time was given a clear Word from the Lord. As Balaam said, "All that the LORD speaketh, that I must do." ( Numbers 23:26); we see a very different Balaam now.

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