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  • Bob on Matthew 27
    I am fascinated by the stories in books and on TV of Mary Magdalene. So many details about her life with Jesus, but in my search, she only appears 11 times in the NT.

    The first is Matthew 27:56 when Jesus is dying on the cross. The last is St. John 20:18 after His rise when she tells the Disciples what He said to her.

    Where do all these stories about the lives of her and Jesus before the Cross come from?
  • Bob - in Reply
    So far, every response only confirms my question: yes, she was at the tomb, etc. question remains UNanswered. There is nothing in the NT that describes Mary's contact with Jesus until His death on the cross.

    Where are the sources describing any contact or teaching or anything between Mary and Jesus BEFORE His death?
  • Suze - in Reply on Matthew 27
    Hi Bob , I have always believed that Mary Magdalene is also the Mary of John Ch 11 , however that's just my belief . All those stories that you speak if are just that , men's imaginations working overtime . If you want to know the Truth it's best to stick to what it actually says , or doesn't say , in the Bible .
  • Bj - in Reply on Matthew 27
  • Chris - in Reply on Matthew 27
    Hi Bob. And I would add Luke 8:2 to your list. I would pay very little heed to any secular construct of any biblical account, whether from books or screen. A few may have done a reasonable job of it, but I would think that with so little information to fill a book or a two hour showing, much imagination & re-telling/re-hashing of the accounts (whether true or apocryphal) would be needed. And of course, the writer's leanings & the message he wants to promote, would undoubtedly play a major part in all of it.

    I have tried on a couple of occasions to watch a biblical series, but had to shut if off because of gross error or a display of the writer's wild imaginations that were inconsistent with the Holy Word of God. I find it more profitable for my own imagination to play out when reading a biblical story from the Bible & then let the Spirit check me if I have strayed too far by doing so.

    When in ministry in Pakistan (late '80s), we often showed the Jesus film via a projector & screen, to various villages. These were mostly Christian folk (nominal), but often Muslims would come over to view it as it was shown in the open air. After this, the Gospel was presented & challenge given. This film was based on Luke's Gospel, though the one I have now on my computer (downloaded from the Web) is based on John's Gospel. Very accurate, plenty of Scripture, with narration as well. There are several now available for viewing from the Web, but one can soon discern which of them is profitable for continued watching. And yes, Mary Magdalene is also seen in them. Maybe, this might be useful for you if wanting to view the whole New Testament being played out.
  • Living Our Lives in the Light of Jesus - in Reply on Matthew 27
    I've seen some movies and videos I do not care for.

    Mary Magdalene became a follower of Jesus and traveled with Jesus and the Disciples. I'm sure she wanted to hear Jesus teachings. There were other women who traveled with the Twelve. They cooked and probably washed a few clothes and milked the goats.

    Apostle Paul traveled with women too. I'm sure every precaution was taken to be above scrutiny or accusation. Paul had disciples travel with him too.

  • Fred Scanlan - in Reply on Matthew 27
    The glory of woman in the scriptures is for lack of a better word "downplayed". Evidence of which are biblical, a condition that the holy spirit in and through the gospel and ancient writings "downplays". In the same sense as being born again! Conversion is the main theme in the gospel. Being born "Again", is why Jesus came to save the world!!

    Beginning with the mother of Jesus and the story of Elizabeth, these two have unconditionally excepted the words of angels! Mary surely had known the promise of the Messiah, and yet does not question the facts of Her pregnancy. If you can imagine a child growing in your womb, while believing the words from the Lord this whole time! Yet, this child she knows nothing about shall come from within Her! I watched as my daughter had her first child, as it grew within Her. I couldn't imagine the fear of a human being growing inside of me, let alone the knowledge that it would be Christ!

    The glory that this one has been given should never be downplayed, even by the media! For they no nothing of God , or the love for it! Neither do they contribute anything but devise hate which come from hell itself. These are the "Beware of false prophets" Jesus has spoken of. Remember the kingdom of heaven is within you! Even as Jesus was born from this Holy woman, such are we who are born again! Repent and be baptized
  • Bob - in Reply on Matthew 27
    "Mary Magdalene became a follower of Jesus and traveled with Jesus and the Disciples"

    I understand that is the common belief, but as I noted my NT search shows Mary's very first contact with Jesus was a the cross. Matthew, 27:56. How was she a follower?
  • First Evangelists__Carrying the Good News - in Reply on Matthew 27
    I've read historical accounts, that in the Book of Acts, witnesses went house to house, witnessing events to others. That's how Jesus wanted it. Person to person witnessing.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Matthew 27
    She was one of the women who went to enter the tomb of Jesus and properly dress his body. She told the disciples Jesus's body wasn't there. She was in the Upper Room on Pentecost. There are records of that. I don't think she traveled with the Disciples after that, as there is no scripture for that.

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