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  • Gerry shaver on Psalms 91
    Why does it mention lion and young lion whats the difference
  • ELB - in Reply on Psalms 91


    Psalms 91:13 Thou (Christ, the old lion) shall tread upon the (young) lion (man) and the adder (the devil, man), the young lion (man) and the dragon (the devil, man) shall thou trample under feet (of Christ, the old lion).

    Nahum 2:11 Where is the dwelling of the (young) lions (man), and the feedingplace of the young lions (man), where the (old) lion (Christ), even the old lion (Christ) walked, and the (old) lion's whelp (the young lion, man), and none made them (the young lion, man) afraid.

    Job 4:10 The roaring of the (old) lion (Christ), and the voice of the fierce (old) lion (Christ), and the teeth of the young lions (man), are broken,

    Job 4:11 The old lion (Christ) perisheth for lack of prey (when Christ subdues man, the young lions, under him), and the stout (old) lion's (Christ) whelps (young lions, man) are scattered abroad.

    Genesis 49:9 (the tribe, children of) Judah are a (old) lion's (Christ) whelp (young lions, men), from the prey (devouring the young lions) Thou (old lion, Christ) art gone up, he (Christ) stooped down, he (Christ) crouched as a (old) lion, and as a (old) lion (Christ) who shall arouse him (the old lion, Christ).

    God Bless YOU!
  • T. Levis - in Reply on Psalms 91
    I feel there is a significant detail that is possibly a detail that the LORD wants to show you. You may want to independent research about lions. I would be interested in what you find relating to what the LORD shows you!

    Psalms 91, lions Psalms 91:13,

    1st I must thank you, Thanks for bringing me back to this Psalms it's Powerful & encouraging!

    Hear are more scriptures on lions within the scripture. Several of GOD's people were delivered from lions.

    I understand it to mean, any lion just incase we question "what about a young one". Here's a scripture about " old lion,who shall rouse him up?' Genesis 49:9,

    Young lion : Numbers 23:24,

    these also mention a difference between: Job 4:8-21, Job 28:8, Job 38:39, Psalms 17:12, Isaiah 30:6, Isaiah 31:4,

    Ezekiel 19:3, Amos 3:4, Micah 5:8,

    Victory from lions : Judges 14, 1Samuel 17:34,36, 2Timothy 4:17, Daniel 6,

    But also used against a Prophet that disobeyed GOD's specific orders : 1Kings 13,

    Hopefully these are helpful

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