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  • Mishael
    Iverna Tompkins, Fuchsia Picket on Gabriel Heights website. They are older, but very ANOINTED women ministers. If you watch the videos on YouTube and don't learn anything, I would like to know what your thoughts are.

    It is the ANOINTING OF THE HOLY SPIRT alone, that breaks the yoke of sin and wrong ways of doing things.

    These aren't meetings of giggly women. The messages are pure MEAT from the throne of God. What a blessing to get a big chunk of meat instead of a skinny hamburger.

    Iverna came from a family of preachers. Fuchsia I think was hand picked by the Lord. Any woman or man is going to learn more about the Holy Spirit, than they ever gleaned from scripture.

    I always say to me, see what you see, and hear only the voice of the Holy Spirit. So be it.
  • Jealynn - in Reply
    The only way a true Believer in Christ can learn about the Holy Spirit is only through the lens of scripture, any outside revelation that does not line up with God's Holy Word is not Biblical. We must be very meticulous to not be mislead outside of God's Holy Word. God's Holy Word is enough for all of His children, and anything outside of God's Holy Word is not from God. God's presence will never contradict His unadulterated Word: never! God loves you and be careful we are living in the last days!
  • Mishael - in Reply
    I know what scripture teaches about the Holy Spirit. Long ago I threw open the doors of my heart for Him to come in. I have enjoyed almost 37 years of daily fellowship, learning at His feet, sitting in the closet just listening for Him to speak to my spirit. Whatever He says, I pray for it or the person, the nation, the world. I'm available. I'm single and retired and have plenty of time to pray. Sometimes I just sing. Life with the Holy Spirit is sweet and soul satisfying. I think my spirit and soul worship together. I long for heaven, but I'm still here for all you guys and ladies.

    Goodnight fellow worshippers.

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