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  • Michael R Dorsey
    You have Preachers Preaching Mid Trib., No Trib., Pre Trib. Praise God,,, I'm ready right now. I'm not worried about storing up Food, Water and other items. The Saints of God will be at The Great Supper. And the Angelic Choir singing Come and dine. I still believe in The Rapture of The Church. Dead in Christ rise first and those that remain, the living Saints, to meet Christ in the Air. That's why we keep fighting all of Hell ,, to see Jesus. There is a Major Problem with Vaccine Theories and such. And it is this ,In Revelations Chapter 4. The Church is Raptured. John sees it again in Chapter 7,, where? In Heaven.

    2nd Thessalonians Chap. 2 v 7 says. The Church and the Spirit as he works restraining evil now shall be removed. And then The Antichrist shall be revealed. Jesus said He Shall Never leave you. I know there are those who believe The Holy Ghost will be completely removed during The Tribulation. But read Matthew Chap. 3, Baptism of Jesus, Father spoke, Holy Ghost descended and Christ went straight up out of the water. 2nd Peter said Men of old, patriarchs , moved by The Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost and the Spirit of conviction has always and always will be. As God said ,I Am. There will be People saved during The Tribulation, John said no man could number them. My Father in law always Preached, it will take a Great Tribulation to turn Man to God. I understand the Biggest Majority will follow The Bible literally, gnaw their tongues, curse and blaspheme God. But a Large number will be willing to die, even though beheading and other torture. And Satan has so many fooled" Oh well,, if I miss it I just won't take The Mark. You will be hunted, can't eat, buy anything, or sell. Sick and need medicine,even for your children. You have to take The Mark. You will literally become a Martyr to enter Heaven. Having said all that, if all this Propaganda is The Mark. Then guess what we all missed it, The Rapture. The Mark enters after The Church is Raptured. Mikey Out.
  • Be Lifted in The spirit of your mind - in Reply
    May God bless you, sir. You're right in that no one can really say what the moments before the rapture will be like. Jesus said to be ready and have our lamps filled. I believe because of darkness in the world. Lack of Jesus's light; also because of spiritual darkness.

    Just seeing the darkness of the unsaved is frightening.

    I dont know why, but lately I hear that old song in my spirit, "I surrender All", and it's so sweet and tender. I sing along with it. I don't doing like a frog for just a moment. I truly believe we're all wrong about how near t Rapture is.

    Israel is surrounded by enemies.

    Our President wants to send troops to Ukraine to fight Russia. Like Matthew 24 and Luke 21. Wars and rumors of war. Food shortages. Supply shortages. Killer droughts and floods, advancing. That's why I tell people I run into, to watch the signs and be ready.

    There's lots of little towns on the outskirts of big cities that might have supplies we are needing. Although it'll take more gas to check it out. Let's rediscover, frugal.

    I'm just saying what it is; not future. Somehow, we need to praise our Lord and Savior. We're ok. We will be rescued. He gave us coping skills. We can sell things and live simpler. Our future is with Jesus. It's a reason to have joy, every day.

    Be lifted in the spirit of your mind, my beloved friend. I walk the same way as you. Forward, towards our reward, Jesus. He spoke ( Genesis 1) into existence. He is the WORD. All we see and know about the earth, he spoke it into being. I have no doubts that He has prepare a place in Heaven that's just as wonderful.

    When earth is cleansed from man's damage to it

    ( 2 Peter 3), many of us will return to it, to build again alongside the angels. There will be so much happiness!

    Let us look forward and not backward, like Lot's wife.

    When I look out my front windows, I think there are more people this old body can encourage, and warn if need be.

    Carry the GOOD NEWS, Jesus!
  • Michael R Dorsey - in Reply
    The Lord is Good. I'm reminded reading your Reply. When the Rich Man died and lifted up His eyes in Hell. But He saw Lazarus comforted in Paradise. Story of 2 Beggars one begged on earth and the other begged in Hell. Christ went down there during the 3 days after The Crucifixion and took Captivity Captive. He took Paradise on to The 3rd Heaven. And that unnamed Rich Man is still begging for a drop of water. But He told Abraham " Send Lazarus back and warn my 5 Brothers, get The Blood Applied ,do not come to this terrible place" And he replied" Even if one return from the dead, they still won't believe, won't give their Hearts to God. They have Moses and the Prophets. " We have God's word and The Conviction of The Holy Ghost.

    I'm not sending anyone back to Earth,,,,, Period,, end of discussion. Isn't it amazing though if you turn on YouTube, you can find countless people who went to Heaven or Hell, or both. They got a Discount Pass for both, I guess. I know there are Men like Paul, who said" I was called to the 3rd Heaven, and now all I want to do is be there. I have heard a COUPLE Preachers, who I truly believe God gave a vision and they described it. But you would have to be remarkably close to God for Just that. Abraham said what, ain't nobody passing between, sorry you missed it, that's it. King Saul had to go to a Pure Demon Spirit to find a imitation of Samuel. There's no doubt , I've seen it as people drew closer to death. They saw loved ones, and some saw the flames in those last minutes. I'm not going to knock all these people, they mean well,,, I guess. But back to what My Father in law said in His Ministry, died in 2000, under the Annointing.

    " If God actually let someone return from Hell, they wouldn't even work a public job. They would just get up every day and tell People, weeping, crying and begging. Please don't go to this Terrible Place" When have you ever seen that witness? It's Read my book. Hi, I'm back from Hell. Mikey Out
  • Mishael - in Reply
    Death comes. I don't think anyone is ready for what The Lord chooses to reveal. My sister said my mother smiled and was looking high up a wall. I wasn't there.

    When my Dad died I was with him all evening. He had Alzheimer's and aspirated food. He was drowning. I did not want him to go! I continued to pray. Then something said. LEAVE. I'm taking him now. I left 5 mins. My Dad was gone, but all the pain and agony was gone from his face. He looked happy. Not the terror from drowning on food. Death is swallowed up in victory. Christians have nothing to fear.

    A few months before my mother died, I felt I should witness to her. All her life she did the work of 5 men. I asked her, aren't you even curious about WHO you are spending eternity with? You'll be with Him forever. Don't you want to know what He's like?

    Next morning I see her eating her oatmeal, with the Bible reading it intently. It was my Bible which is all marked up, falling apart. Every morning several days. I asked if she wanted to pray. She said "I always just thought it would be me and your Dad together." I never considered Jesus would be there too. She had prayed the prayer taped on the inside cover.

    I'm wondering, have we thought about our Savior, living with Him, day to day, in heaven? What is he like? What does he like? Jesus knows what we need, and has prepared for wonders we never thought of.

    A few months after my Dads passing, I was still missing him terribly. We were close. I had a dream: he was walking towards me, weaving in and out of our driveway that was like a parking lot. His face was young again, and he had a great big smile. I woke and I knew he was with Jesus! The mourning ended that day.

    Witness to your family members. Let them have those old ragged Bibles. Tape the sinners prayer inside the cover. Believe in miracles.
  • Michael R Dorsey - in Reply
    They found my Mother after literally 18 years of battling throat cancer. And not having ate solid food in almost ten years. The nurse said she had her Bible across her chest and both hands on the side. And she thought that's the most Peaceful I've seen her in such a long time. But Mama wasn't there, She was with Jesus.

    At the Family Visitation, I asked everyone if I could have a few minutes by myself. And I stood there and said Mama " it ain't over, by The Grace of God, I'll see you again" As a Minister, I have felt The Annointing from the top of my head on down. I have shouted, ran, praised God and seen him move in so many powerful services. But to this Day, I've never felt God like I did standing there by my Mama's casket. During the Funeral, I thought, it would be so easy for me to Preach this Funeral. My Father in law often Preached" If you could get your Family in the Church, then the whole World would be saved" So I will fight through rejection, mockery, sometimes even pure spite and malice and so will every Christian. Because The Burden is that of Christ.

    Mikey Out
  • GiGi - in Reply
    Michael, I am sorry for your loss. My mom just died last Saturday from a two week battle with sepsis. Most of us (10 kids) were able to spend days with her in the hospital until she took a turn for the worse on Friday evening. I had spent 3 separate days with her in those two weeks. I had prayed with and for her, encouraged her to know that Jesus is with her and will never leave her, and gave her comfort care throughout the day. When she passed, I felt so joyful knowing that she was with Jesus forever in heaven.

    I hope that you will be encouraged in your recovery from the loss of your mother. Everyone grieves in different ways. But it really is wonderful knowing that our loved ones believed and trusted in Jesus. We rejoice that they are receiving the fulfillment of their hope of salvation and eternal life. God bless you.
  • Michael Dorsey - in Reply
    The Bible says to die is to gain. I remember when my Father in Law , under whose ministry I was saved. He was battling Terminal Cancer. People would come to Him and say, You're going to be with Jesus, you won't be in pain any more. And He would look at them and say"Do you want to die? "

    And of course, they would say, why no, I want to live. And He would answer"So do I, I want to live as long as I can. I only have one shot at this life, I want to be with my Family, friends. I plan on Finishing in Heaven , but I want to stay here a while. " That pretty much sums it up for all of us, As the popular Preaching goes. Everybody wants to go to Heaven, but nobody wants to die.

    But my Mother who had lost her speech a long time ago, scribbled on a notebook. I Want To Go Home!!!! I said " Mama, You're in no condition to go to your House. " And She shook Her head ,and pointed to the Sky. She had took all the Pain She could, and was ready to meet The Lord. I would wonder why God would allow, someone to go through so much for so long. It is truly heartbreaking to this day. But He said, I will never put more on you than you can Bare. I couldn't have borne all that. Those in Hell, there are no Titles, no regard for your deeds, accomplishments on this Earth, only suffering. But that Thief on the Cross, He will tell His Day of Salvation, when He said " Lord remember me, in your Kingdom"and Christ replied" This Very Day, Thou Shalt be with Me in Paradise"

    Those in Hell, all their Greatness is forgotten. But for The Saints of God, Their Testimony will echo for a Eternity. Sampson will tell the Tale of the 2 pillars, Moses will recount the fear, dread, and then God Blew a Hole in the Red Sea. Peter will tell how He stood weeping openly, desperately and by The Grace of God fought His way back. And our Parents, and Me and You will tell The Story that never gets old

    Mikey Out. Biscoe House of Mercy
  • GiGi again - in Reply
    Thank you for sharing, Michael.

    My Mom had been saying for years that she is ready to go to heaven and often asked why God had not taken her yet. But in this illness, God fulfilled His promise to her to take her to His house in heaven. She is standing in awe of all that God has prepared for her and those who believe!
  • Mishael - in Reply
    I drifted away from God in my teens. I got into the occult because of relatives mostly. But my Christian Grandmother had my name in her Bible, praise God. Sh sent me love letters saying how much God loved me, and her also.

    God started peeling me like an onion until all my security in myself was dropped off. I was naked and needy! One day while doing a horoscope for a Methodist; God appeared in a vision over her face. I was seeing Jesus on a white horse, looking straight at me. The demons scattered (my guess). My friend said then something like 2 Timothy 3:5 and left!

    I went to get the Bible and find out why what I was doing was wrong. I looked up stars, astrology, astrologers, and I fell over the Death Penalty for doing it. I laid my head on the Bible and said, I deserve to die. My floor opened so I could see hell: dense twisted roots, blackness and screams. I stood on the chair and I heard loud wind. I became convinced a hand was outstretched to me from the ceiling. I opened my hand and closed it. I fell in the floor, but hell was gone. I heard screams from being delivered, and then I passed out.

    I woke up next morning and my entire home was silent and peaceful. It looked the same, but brighter. I saw the Bible on the table and open. I made coffee to try to remember what happened. The Holy Soirit impressed on me what Acts 19:19 tells. I worked all day filling a 35 gallon can with books, idols, zodiac anything, Beer tshirts, posters, jewelry, and dragged it outside. Two days my friend returned and I told her I was born again. We celebrated by pouring charcoal lighter on the can and watched the contents of 15 years go up in smoke. I had return attacks by demons, but I defeated them with faith that GOD LOVED ME, and sent His Son to rescue me.

    I gave me and my 6 yr old son to Jesus. I gave my house to Jesus and a new Pastor and his family moved into it. He said the house felt so peaceful.

    I'm blessed.
  • Michael R Dorsey - in Reply
    Preached today on " He's Still in Control" The Centurion came to Jesus and recognized that Authority. Talked about how when Jesus was asleep in the ship. And the Storm came. And they asked him, fearful, frightened, worried," Master ,Carest thou not that we Perish" Are you even concerned? Lord look what is going on here. We are going to Die.

    And I and You, every Person who ever came to God felt the same way. Lord , my Heart is breaking, I fighting all of Hell. Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually,,, I'm hurting. And I have no answers. But The Bible says Jesus stepped out and rebuked The Storm, the winds, the sea. Satan is the Power of the Air, Jesus rebuked the wind. He didn't send it, or he wouldn't be rebuking it. He asked" How can Satan cast out Satan, fight himself.

    So we have to remember every trial, Storm, battle ,sickness, comes only by permission. Jesus Said" Why are you so fearful,afraid. Where is your Faith? And then He spoke" Peace be Still"

    He cares, He is in Control. When everything is upside down, in this world of anything goes. My Father in law often Preached " If you miss Heaven, you have missed everything". That Roman Centurion recognized The Authority of Christ. So do the Buddhists, Muslims, a lost and dying world. That the Christian walks by Faith and not by sight. He, She, knows this.

    God is so n Control

    Mikey Out.
  • Mishael - in Reply
    Thank you. That one of my favorite passages to go to when I'm sinking. I have 3 surgeries coming up. But not serious. I ask the Lord, why me? I'm doing the best I can to win souls to You?

    He said, My grace is sufficient to take you through this storm.

    You sermon gives me comfort. Thank you.
  • Chris - in Reply
    Amen. Our lack of faith holds back the Hand of God. May we fully trust in the God of the impossible.

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