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  • Giannis
    Evangelists, part 2.

    Should all christians be evangelists? Definitely yes.In the sence that we talk to peple about Jesus and mainly tell them our testimony, what God has done to our lives, how He changed us. It is a MUST for all christians, men and women.

    But we are not the Evangelists that God uses to bring masses of people in the faith. Those Evangelists are high in the hierarchy of the church. They are placed by God at the same level as apostles, as pastors, as prophets, as teachers. Apostles establish churches, Teachers teach the Word of God in the church, Prophets give specific messages from God to direct the work of the church, Pastors are the head of the church and Evangelists preach and bring the saved people in the church

    All very important for the work of the church in the world. Are there nowadays Evangelists in the sence we read in the Gospel? I think there are. Maybe not with such power we see in the Acts but definitely there are. And how about praying to God that He gives His power to His children to work for Him as at those ancient times? May God bless His children to minister Him.


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