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  • Rebecca Morris
    Who is Jezebel in the church of Thyatira in Revelation chapter 2? She cannot be the Jezebel of the Old Testament so is she just a namesake or a spiritual application of the spirit of the O.T. Jezebel?
  • The Jezebel Spirit - in Reply
    You're right. There are some useful videos on YouTube about the Jezebel Spirit. It is demonic. It likes to seduce men of power or authority. It goes after women as much as it does the men. You could talk to your Pastor about a future teaching on this.

    The Bible warns us to be alert.

    1 Kings 19

    1 Kings chapter 21

    2 Kings 9

    Revelation 2:20

    1 Kings 16:31 origins

    Read through to see her seductions of people

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