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  • John
    If God know everything before it happened ,why did he create Lucifer if he knew he would rebel and make human sins too and bring them with him to hell. Why did he create Adam and Eve if he knew they would sins against him?
  • GiGi - in Reply
    Perhaps this is so He can express all of His Being, including mercy, wrath, justice, forgiveness. Without sin, these aspects of His Being could not be expressed at all and a God Who is absolutely complete and perfect would not leave any attribute latent and unable to be expressed.
  • Kay - in Reply
    That's a deep question, John.

    It demands a far deeper answer, perhaps, than I can give.

    First, we must note that on this side of heaven, we will not know and understand everything. The secret things belong to the Lord; the things that are revealed belong to us and to our children... Deut. 29:29. We have plenty of good meat to chew on in God's Word when we don't have the teeth to tackle the huge steaks. :)

    Overall, to me, the whole HIStory is the story of God's love for mankind. It is astounding that angels He would not save; but fallen man He would redeem with His own blood.

    He created Adam and Eve, knowing they would fall, THAT very way He could demonstrate the amazing depths of His mercy, His love, His grace, His pity, His power! He could have just said, "I love you'...but after all...isn't love demonstrated much more meaningful than words just spoken?

    Lucifer, in this big scheme, is being punished every day. ALL of his weapons are, ultimately, futile. He has to work so hard to try to do something - but will end up in the lake of fire. And in the mean time - He is a servant of God, albeit unwillingly.

    Again, the best part of all of this is the story of God's beautiful, deep, wide, unfathomable love towards us, Who are created by Him. Amazing! Praise the Lord!

    Blessings, John...
  • Free - in Reply
    Dear "John", That was a good question. Hope you get more answers that are grounded in the Word dear friend. Just want to give you a new thought here. But God actually repented that He created man in any case! I advise you to go ahead and not think so much about things that are difficult right now. Because you find out. He who seeks he finds.

    Genesis 6:6 Matthew 18
  • John - in Reply
    Thx for your advise free and I know trying to understand the very being of God with my human mine is impossible but I am curious on the thought that if God knew that a day would come, where he'll regret creating mankind and countless numbers of them would suffer in the fiery pits of hell for eternity, knowing all this before even the heavens made why did God still choose to create Mankind?

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