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  • Marriage Prayer
    Marriage Prayer

    Dear God,

    Thank you for this day. Thank you for my husbands life, and my life. I ask that you would protect us from the schemes of the devil. He has been trying to distract us, frustrate us and tempt us to sin against each other. Holy Spirit enable us to resist the devils temptations and distractions. In moments of weakness please help us to give each other grace and forgiveness. Help us to support each other and be accountable on a daily basis; according to your Love. Please make me aware of any sin or unforgiveness that is at work in me, and the strength to repent and walk away from it. Help my mate to do the same. Increase our desire to stand together under Your Protection. Psalm 91. We desire to walk together according to your Word written in 1 Corinthians 13.

    Feel free to add some more requests right here. Personalize.

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