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  • Lois V Harrison on Proverbs 4:26
    I found this 'Proverb' in an old book - The Birthday Book Of Scripture, for April 14. I take its meaning as a past tense, asking us to examine our actions - cause - for understanding effect. An inventory of a path travelled. It has resonated a profound message to my writing, a memoir inspired by my late daughter, Lesley, born on April 14. Her life's purpose established at birth, that we (I) would find meaning in her path up to her death, and after. How do I understand? Maybe I won't, but I must nonetheless ponder, examine to let all her ways be established, marked. If one takes its meaning in purely present tense it negates purpose for self examination, (responsibility?) - a path travelled. Examining actions taken - history, can enlighten. Enlightenment impacts present and future. My little book attributes authorship to:
    1 Cor. xvi 14.


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