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  • 808Wahine on John 3
    I agree that GOD has sent HIS Son for a purpose.Purpose being that we all should believe in HIM,it is stated clearly where it says "that whosoever BELIEVETH IN HIM." should not perish. it is HIS will for us all to believe in HIM and have everlasting life. It clarify's it in verse 36, where again it say's "He that Believeth on the SON shall have everlasting life." But does it mean if I hear about HIM and attend church on Sundays and go to Bible studies and do all the goody two shoe stuff to look holy n all, does that means I am exempt from being perish? Hello, I hope you don't think that just because you look Holy, act Holy and go Church mean that's all it is to be exempt from GODs wrath, cause Baby it's not. Who ever is saying it is lying to you, straight up. This verse say's you NEED to Believe in HIM not, do all the rituals. But to Believe in HIM. "to put your FAITH, your Hopes, Your Life in HIS Hands and TRUST that HE (who you cannot see) will HELP you through everything and anything. Read and Believe also in Proverbs 3:5-7. That is what Believing in JESUS is all about. Give your life to HIM and Let HIM lead you. That Was GOD's purpose for sending HIS only SON.


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