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  • Nisa on 1 Chronicles 2 - 2 years ago
    There is so much proof that you need two parent's to be a Jew ,

    if you have a Jew father and a strange woman that child is a mongrel, Vice versa!

    This is all based of Scriptures . Esau can only reproduce with His woman of his lineage for the child to be considered a full blown Edomite .

    Mongrel is a mixed race of people.

    The mongrels of Whom GOD has MERCY N GRACE for can come back in the Third generation both sets of grandparents from each side paternal and maternal matters.

    That's a precepts of man doctrine that there is no such thing as mixed the Bible say other. The mongrels is a mixed race.

    Rape n mixed marriages took place in Babylon captivity.

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