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  • I pray blessing on all those who read these comments, and even on the hole world.
    My comment on this chapter; on verse 9, which speaks on Thessalonians turning from idols, and this is my response on that: We must all turn from our idols, for our God is a jealous God, says Exodus 20:5, and you might say to yourself, i don't have any idols; Well........Do you watch TV for more time than you pray to God?.........How much longer do you play video games, than you pray, (FOR THOSE WHO PLAY VIDEO GAMES) and my goodness think about how much more disciple, we have on ourselves for making money, than we have for doing God's will; Which if you look on the back of a dollar bill it says "in god we trust".....Whoa...What a statement. Do we trust in money, more than God? ......I mean, we'll even diet for our bodies, more than we'll fast, for God to give us his power to help others. ........ This is a real reality check for those of us who believe that we're idol free. satan is never going to show us, where, and how, he has us bound; it is on us, to judge only ourselves, and no one else. Children of God; Never think you are doing enough, but always go after more of God in your lives, no matter what level of spirituality you've reached; For the Bible says in Isaiah 64:6, that, our righteousness are as filthy rags


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