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  • Suze
    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ , what is the thing that all the world wonders after ? What is the world enthralled by on a daily basis ? Is it not technology ? What is the most obvious and prevalent piece of technology in the world ? You are looking at it , the internet . Doesn't the internet remind you of something else in the Bible ? Maybe the tower of Babel ? Or perhaps the tree of the knowledge of good and evil ? Please , limit your time on the internet and be so very discerning as to which sites you visit , the serpent is so very subtle . Don't let it wrap itself around you and squeeze the life out of you . So many of our young people are being funneled into a hive mentality , unable or unwilling to think for themselves , even some older people too . Be very discerning when it comes to the web . It's very apt that it's called the web , don't get trapped in it !
  • Mishael - in Reply
    I typed code on a teletypewriter in 1970.

    Computers were giant boxes of brain.

    You had to constantly learn new languages.

    I told it (one time) to go to hell. It said__does not compute.

    Thank God we are born again!! If you're reading more social media than playing games; you brain is being burned, sort of.

    Read more Bible. You're going to spend eternity with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. They're the original Creators.

    When you get time, on youtube; listen to a little song named: Have You Been Listening? By Darrell Mansfield

    That's a good question.

    Did you know new software and program writers are called creators? The world is getting scarier. Nothing is private.
  • Donna - in Reply
    Don't you love the way that we can take a Web, turn it around and use it as a net to catch men and women for Jesus???


    Still, yes, I agree with You we need to be VERY careful!

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