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  • Paul H Bowles on Psalms 1
    How to ask God for discernment in personal matters?
  • How the Holy Spirit Communicates With Us - in Reply on Psalms 1
    1 Corinthians 12:1-11, thru chapter 15

    The gifts are given as the Holy Spirit wills it. But we are told elsewhere to desire the best gifts.

    Read in the NT Bible, about the gifts.

    Word search in this website search box: discern

    I noticed that on YouTube Charles Stanley has sermons of

    Spiritual Discernment

    Walking in the Holy Spirit

    (I highly recommend his teachings)

    That was the first gift the Holy Spirit gave me.

    He teaches you to discern if you are dealing with a human, evil spirit, or the Holy Spirit or angels

    If we submit ourselves, the Holy Spirit will guide you in all things as you fill yourself up on Bible scriptures. Many times it is through scripture when He chooses to speak to your born again spirit. We view things through a glass darkly. 1 Corinthians 13:12

    With the Holy Spirits gifts, we can "see the mirror" better.

    He's our Teacher, Helper, Comforter and much more. It is our hunger and thirst for the truths in Gods Word that causes the gifts to operate. In my experience, He very much enjoys praise and worship of Jesus. Sometimes I sit in my "closet" under the clothes_just listening intently, or I sing. I was singing I WALK THE LINE by Johnny Cash and the Holy Spirit sang too! I never knew it was a spiritual song. He said, you walk the line, because you're Mine. I walk the line every day now. I know why Jesus is protective of the Holy Spirit__as in Don't grieve, quench or blaspheme Holy Spirit.

    Our relationship with the Holy Spirit should be sweeter and tighter as time goes by. He will give you the gifts as you educate yourself on what each one is, and what they are for. One: some gifts operate for other people, Through you. It requires obedience and availability.

    If you hear a voice that disturbs you, makes you fear; that was the devil. Send him into outer darkness in Jesus Name.

    Keep coming back here. You'll love the ease of the Search Engine to look up things.

  • Wayne - in Reply on Psalms 1
    Relax. Sit quietly and just open your heart to Jesus. He already knows everything about you. Just talk to your Heavenly Father in honesty and sincerity

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