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  • Mishael
    I just want everyone to know I'm not crazy. People are identifying the material that God used when creating man. I had questions about the soul God used, too.


    goethiteFeOOH(1-2mm)10YR 8/6yellow

    goethiteFeOOH(0.2mm)7.5YR 5/6strong brown

    hematiteFe2O3(0.4mm)5R 3/6red

    hematiteFe2O3(0.1mm)10R 4/8red

    lepidocrociteFeOOH(0.5mm)5YR 6/8red-yellow

    lepidocrociteFeOOH(0.1mm)2.5YR 4/6red

    ferrihydriteFe (OH)32.5YR 3/6dark red glauconiteK(Fe (OH)3SixAl4x)(Al,Fe,Mg). dark gray

    iron sulfideFeS10YR 2/1 black

    pyriteFeS210YR 2/. black (metallic)

    jarositeK Fe3(OH)6(SO4)25Y 6/4pale yellow

    todorokiteMnO410YR 2/1 black

    humus10YR 2/1 black

    calciteCaCO310YR 8/2white

    dolomiteCaMg (CO3)210YR 8/2white

    gypsumCaSO42H2O10YR 8/3 very pale brown

    quartzSiO210YR 6/1light gray

    to see chart, Google nrcsDOTusdaDOTgov

    Don't hate me
  • Giannis - in Reply
    In my mind you are very appreciated for your life and work to spread the Gospel to people through hard times, althought I don't agree to some of your beliefs. Reading all you have done for God makes me feel so small and inferior in front of you.

    God Bless you.
  • Daniel Lindenbaum - in Reply
    My thoughts are this is a follow up to the question asking where black people came from. If you study Biblical archaeology, it's fairly clear. In the garden, which could have well been physically located close to what is now modern Baghdad or in part of would become later Mesopotamia. The colors come from the different mixing of blood from the generations of the seed of Adam and Eve. By the time of the tower of Babel, all races wanted a unified world which demonstrated a pride of man without God. God did disperse all the races to different parts of the world (now countries/continents) and they spoke in different tongues (languages). That's why all colors were not in one concentrated part of the world. About black people in the Bible...some important ones which we only know about in story are the 2nd wife of Moses (she was Ethiopian and all Ethiopians back then were black). In Acts the first Gentile recorded to get saved during the apostolic church was a black man (the eunich was also Ethiopian).

    The study above that Mishael posted could very be well how God did it. We won't know in this lifetime but consider all the minerals, amino acids and vitamins that are required in our blood to live. There are certain natural chemical elements in our bodies which sometimes make us wonder...why is that there? I imagine this was part of God's brilliant creation of mankind.
  • Mishael - in Reply
    I think God also wanted to use soil, so people would not be inclined to blame Him for the color that their ancestors were, and the ancestors now.

    Certainly the colors/DNA flow through the bloodlines now. Mankind is 6000 years of blended families and history.

    My history is blended. I dig it up, and appreciate very much, things they did with their lives: fight world wars, immigrate to this nation, USA. They persevered through problems and prejudice because it is the Will of mankind to survive and push through barriers.

    I read a lot of history about people. I'm constantly amazed at the Will to overcome obstacles to get to happiness and peace. My family wasn't privileged. All are laborers, farmers, a few policemen and preachers. My grandmothers ripped cloth for bandages for 2 world wars.

    It grieves me that this generation may not know their own proud history. Sometime they look like dandelion seeds floating with the wind. Oh how I wish they knew their ancestors that worshipped God, no matter what came along.

    I heard the Great Depression stories and I hope we don't have to go through another one. We are not prepared.

    Younglings, if your grandparents still live, ask what they remember. Blood calls to blood. Old folks are not irrelevant and "just taking up space". We're still here to tell the stories one last time. Jesus is about to stand up.
  • Dorothy Healy - in Reply
    Most scholars believe that the words adamah, Adam, and Edom stem from a root word with the basic meaning of "red." The word adamah could then be more literally translated "red ground," and the name Adam could be said to mean "red man" or "man from the red dirt."

    When Rebekah gave birth to Jacob and Esau, we read: 24 When her time came to give birth, there were indeed twins in her womb. 25 The first to come out was red, and his whole body was like a hairy garment; so they named him Esau. Esau becomes known as Edom from his foolish decision to trade his birthright and father's blessing for some red stew. Of course, Esau was the brother who did not inherit the father's blessing and I believe he represents the fleshly nature of man. The two brother's theme in Genesis is very interesting in this regard.
  • Suze - in Reply
    Dear Mishael , it's impossible to hate you ! No matter what , I have unconditional love for you so don't worry ! Be yourself , I like yourself !
  • Free - in Reply
    Hello dear brother "Mishael", in the Spirit, I will never hate you. And the color chart codes could not google understand.

    Not me either, what do you mean?

    Stay blessed in Jesus Name, love u in Christ 1 Corintihans 11-34
  • Colors and the End of Time - in Reply
    The artist in me is showing you the medium that God selected to mould Adam. And through Adam, Eve was made.

    God knew what was in that soil. All colors, shades and blending. OUR SOCIETY has graded peoples on their colors in the past; even now__by the Elites. Like Nimrod did.

    It will never be peaceful until Jesus Christ comes to collect up his followers, his disciples now.

    Someday I will tell all, the wisdom of the ants. How they fight their wars, and everything. God taught me that at 5 years old. On the farm, He took me all over to see different "nations" of ants. The differences.

    Much like military leaders today.

    God cares very much, the things we encounter; fight against, etc. He wants us to overcome and succeed again. That's in our DNA Too. It flows hot and strong in our blood. Follow God, not madmen.

    Jesus is returning real soon. Tell your children and pray with them. Don't flip them by demanding they go to church, get baptized properly, etc. Jesus just needs their YES. It is the HOLY SPIRITS job to do the follow up.

    Don't alienate the kids. Satan knows his time is really short. He wants to hurt Gods people.

    Listen to what the Lord is saying in MT 24 and LK 21. The signs are everywhere. Thank Him, we have youtube to view disasters and wars everywhere. How can we live in silken cocoons and not see the end stampeding the earth?

    Jesus wasn't kidding, or accepting Exemptions__when He told his disciples (followers), TO GO YE.

    Go into your neighborhood, to park benches, the sidewalk outside Goodwill_and leave a Chick Tract after you pray for someone to see it, and read it. Get them online. They cost very little. Pray as you leave one, for a willing heart to find it.

    Read Revelation 3:14-22

    It feels good to do the do's. Mishael

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