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  • Ryan on James 3 - 2 years ago
    The verses above state the faith without work is dead, and faith alone will not save...Abraham sacrificed a son. I will never do that, what is defined the "work" that saves ??

    Thank you
  • Dav47 - In Reply on James 3 - 2 years ago
    GOD had already promised Abraham that through his son Issac's seed that would be numbered as the stars of heaven and sands of sea. Abraham knew this and to sacrifice the son that GOD had made the promise for; Abraham knew and had faith that GOD would either raise Issac or some miraculous event to fulfill the promise. The story was to show all of us what it would be like to sacrifice your only begotten son. The heartbreak that it would take to do it would be over whelming. The story was intended to lead us to what GOD Himself would have to do to save HIS creation; the blood to atone for mans sin, a perfect sacrifice for 1 and all times that those who believe shall have salvation and eternal life. Our works are the only thing we can take with us when we pass. It could be as simple as smiling to someone and giving them a simple warmth for a moment to leading by example or helping a neighbor in need. Charity covers a multitude of sins.
  • THE PLAN OF GOD__mishael - In Reply on James 3 - 2 years ago
    There is so very much more to Abraham being told to sacrifice Isaac. It is a fore-picture of what God would have to do with Jesus at the Cross.

    When Adam sinned with Eve; he forfeited the dominion and authority that God gave him. Satan STOLE it. It gave Satan authority to be upon earth. It gave him permission to do all that he did to JOB (short of murder).

    Jesus set aside all of his Godhead powers and was born as a HUMAN through Mary.

    Satan IS NOT HUMAN. He has to borrow bodies. Someday satan will inhabit the Antichrist's body. Demons have to borrow bodies. That's why the Holy Spirit gives us the gift of Discerning of Spirits (God, Human, or Evil).

    Satan DID NOT know what the Godhead planned. If he did, he would have prevented the mob that screamed for Jesus to be crucified. He was sure Jesus was dead. However, on the 3rd day, Jesus came out of the grave with all of His powers restored.

    Let me return to the CROSS. In order for Jesus to suffer OUR SEPARATION FROM GOD, he had to die. God had to turn away and not watch the horrors inflicted upon his SON. Much like Abraham did as he held the sacrifice knife above Isaac. God was showing us the future day when Jesus would take upon himself the sins of all mankind.

    In his spirit body, Jesus went to hell and took the keys Satan had stolen: death, grave and hell. Jesus opened the prison and released all the people held there.

    Satan has no power or authority to afflict mankind. People without Jesus as their Lord and Savior can be hurt by Satan and his demonic angels. He is ILLEGAL on this earth. He can cause calamities.

    We have power through prayer to stop his illegal attacks.

    God prevented Abraham plunging the knife into Isaac. He provide another sacrifice. Abraham obeyed God, and in doing so, made it possible for everything written in the Bible to happen just as it did.

    The battle of Armageddon will be between Abrahams two sons: Isaac and Ishmael. Isaac is the covenant son.
  • Richard H Priday - In Reply on James 3 - 2 years ago
    We should look at Abraham's act with Isaac as faith as well as an act of obedience on his part. We; certainly aren't as Abraham being given a son at 99 years of age; with a wife of 90; nor speaking to the Angel of God (Christ preincarnate) and other angels about destroying Sodom and then witnessing the event. Isaac was the son of promise who was to have descendants to multiply as the stars of the sky. The Lord would have to resurrect him; or as he told his son; "the Lord will provide a lamb" and the mountain's name given was testimony to that fact. (Actually a RAM was in thicket; the sacrificial lamb was eventually to be Christ who also needed to be a descendant of Isaac so the fact is that the Lord had to step in at some point.

    We need to act out on what we confess; to prove what we possess. It is easy according to James to wish someone to be warm and fed or any other accolaides without doing anything. Surely we need to provide for physical needs as well as spiritual. We also; surely need to preach the truth in love; we can't separate these actions either; as it is not loving to tell people just what they want to hear; nor is it to bash them with truth and not care about the person. Much is the same principle with the Lord; those who love Him will obey His voice. ( John 14:15). He asks why people call Him Lord, Lord and do not what He says in Luke 6:46. We are not of this world; but need to be salt and light; for that is the preservation from total destruction which the Restrainer utilizes in the Body of Christ through the Spirit's current operation. We are told that he who doesn't care for the needs of his own are worse than an unbeliever and an infidel ( 1 Timothy 5:8). Mark 3:35 states that those who are His brother and mother; etc are those who do the will of the Father. We were given works from before the foundation of the world ( Ephesians 2:10). The Holy Spirit works within us; putting to death the deeds of the flesh as a fit vessel
  • ELB - In Reply on James 3 - 2 years ago
    Amen, Brother Richard!

    God Bless You!
  • AND THE VIOLENT TAKE IT BY FORCE - In Reply on James 3 - 2 years ago
    Practically, we know lawn mowers cut the grass. We can waste a lot of time waiting on it to mow. Faith without works is dead Faith. The grass gets mowed when our faith turns on the mower and we do our part in the process.

    Violent Faith shakes heaven ceaselessly until the answer manifests on earth.

    A testimony:

    I had a violent migraine headache after I had rented a carpet shampooer! I had a new book, "Healing the Sick" by T L Osborn. I read a few chapters. I prayed to be healed of the headache. I'm still laying flat when my son races in the house & upstairs to get a toy.

    I realize I have to do SOMETHING with my baby faith. :0

    As my son starts to race out the door, I call to him to lay his hand on my head and pray for my headache.

    He lays his hand on my head and says, "Jesus Heal This Headache." And he runs out the door to play.

    The book says to release your faith_that you Have Been Healed. What Now?! I slowly start testing by moving my head side to side. No pain. Then I lift just my head; no pain. I sat up; no pain. I shook my head side-to-side violently. NO PAIN!!

    Our faith has to touch God for it to Work.

    I had faith in Gods Word that God wants to heal me. I had faith that He could heal me. Obedience says I have to do something with my faith.

    My son laid his little hand on my head AND THE PRAYER OF AGREEMENT healed the sick.

    So I was jumping for joy, and I fired up the shampooer and cleaned those muddy stairs and got the shampooer back to the store on time.

    Whatever you ask God for, you have to ask in Faith, Believe God wants to bless you; the prayer of faith will heal the sick.


    Matthew 18:19-20

    That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, THERE AM I, in the midst of them.

    Mishael: as often as we obey this, you can be healed.

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