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  • Linda
    Very Well Said.

    Here's how God says it.

    2 Tim.4:5 Make Full Proof of thy ministry.

    How do we make Full Proof?

    Matt.18:16 In the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses Every word may be Established.

    Example: Jesus Says in John 6:70

    Have not I chosen you twelve, and ONE of you IS a devil?

    Which disciple was Jesus Speaking of?

    Was it Judas?

    Witness #1 The Mouth Of The Disciple Matthew.

    Matt.16:23 Jesus Said To Simon Peter:

    Get Thee Behind Me, Satan.

    Witness #2 The Mouth Of The Disciple Mark.

    Mark 8:33 Jesus said to Simon Peter:

    Get Thee Behind Me, Satan.

    Witness #3 The Mouth Of The Disciple Luke.

    Luke 4:8 Jesus said to Simon Peter:

    Get Thee Behind Me, Satan.

    At Least 3 Witnesses Heard The Mouth Of Jesus

    Call Simon Peter, Satan.

    GOD Has Established That Simon Peter "Was The One Devil"

    That Jesus Spoke Of.

    "Four Mouths" All Say The "Same" Thing.

    Matthew, Mark, Luke AND Jesus Himself.

    Judas Was A Traitor (Not a devil).
  • Ronald Whittemore - in Reply
    Hey Linda,

    If I may give another understanding of why Jesus told Peter "Get the behind me Satan". We find this in Matthew 16:23 and Mark 8:33. It may seem that Satan was influencing Peter, but Satan wanted Jesus to be killed because that would stop Jesus the Messiah from setting up the kingdom on earth, God's plan was hidden, even from the disciples.

    Everyone and the disciples thought when the Messiah came, He would set up the Kingdom and set up the new world order. Jesus told them several times He would be killed and be resurrected, Matthew 16:21 Matthew 17:22-23 Mark 8:31 Mark 9:31-32 Mark 10:32-34. In Luke 9:44-45 it was hidden from them until He was resurrected Luke 24:6-8, and later the Holy Spirit would bring all remembrance to them, John 14:26.

    The understanding of those sayings was hidden, and Peter took Jesus aside and was saying surely God would have mercy and not let this happen. Jesus turned away and when He said what He did all the disciples heard what He said. The word Satan was originally a common noun meaning adversary.

    The disciples were amazed Jesus was going to Jerusalem and they were afraid Mark 10:32. Even though they were told what was going to happen it was hidden they did not have a clue, they were still looking for Jesus to overthrow the Romans and set up the kingdom. That was the reason they all scattered when Jesus was arrested and Peter's denial, they all were devastated and shocked because the Messiah when He came was to set up the kingdom not to be killed.

    Jesus' response to Peter and the disciples was drastic but it was a message relevant to them all, a message they all needed to hear to get them through what was shortly to happen. One other thing, when Jesus came it was for the lost sheep of Israel only, even after Pentecost it was still for the house of Israel until the mystery of the gospel of grace was revealed.

    Jesus only lost one, Judas who He called the son of perdition, John 17:12.

    Hope this helps

    God bless,

  • Linda - in Reply
    NO - Satan (Didn't Want) Jesus To Be Killed. Satan (Didn't Want) People To Be Redeemed. That Is Why HE - Satan - Peter Said: This MUST (NOT) BE.

    ALL The Disciples KNEW (Including Peter) That Jesus (HAD TO) Die On The Cross For The Sins Of Many.

    Jesus Had Told Them.

    But (The One Devil/The One Satan) That Jesus Chose To Be His Disciple: Didn't Want That To Be Fulfilled.

    So Jesus Said (To Peter) That One Devil:

    Get THEE Behind Me, SATAN.

    Thou (Satan / Peter / The One Devil) Savourest Not The Things Of God.

    Jesus Said Those Words To Simon Peter And Then Jesus Turned His Back On SATAN, / Simon Peter.

    JESUS Couldn't Stand The Sight OF Simon Peter / Satan / The One Devil That HE Chose To Be HIS Disciple.
  • Bro dan - in Reply


    To believe as you are stating, we have to misinterpret scripture, and ignore much scripture.

    Jesus held Apostle Peter in very high regard so much so that Jesus stated the following:

    Matthew 16:18-19

    "And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."

    "And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven."

    Read and believe!
  • Linda - in Reply
    Yes: Jesus says:

    Upon This Rock will I Build My Church.

    Upon Simon Peter (Get Thee Behind Me Satan) Will I Build My Church.

    The Church Of Jesus Christ

    Is Upon / Above Simon Peter (Satan).

    Simon Peter (Satan) IS Under Our Feet.
  • Free - in Reply
    Dear "Linda", and the rest, regarding this word "Go behind Me Satan". Does not mean in writing. But Peter's doubt and his unbelief in the work of the Lord became too much for the Lord. Jesus had to put Peter in place. Matthew 16:23 read the section:21-23. See that Peter here tries and say to the Lord: It must not happen. Jesus knew what He had to go through. And look at this attempt to mix unbelief into the Lord's predestined work. Peter should have understood that too.

    (Also, i question who this Simon was? Could it be a mix between Peter and Simon here. And not be the same person. For before in Matthew 16:17. And afterwards it's just to Peter. Here i hope some readers can say something more, for understanding).

    It will be the same as if I were to doubt this KJV website. And start speaking from another scripture or from myself. Here we must debate, and it is good for the heart if the debate gets a saving conversion. :) There would be confusion and outcry. But no one can deceive the Lord Jesus Christ!

    God bless us all in Jesus name, love u all in Christ. John 7 and 8 Chapter
  • Chris - in Reply
    Hi Free. Concerning Simon Peter's name, I would turn to John 1:40-42: "One of the two which heard John speak, and followed him, was Andrew, Simon Peter's brother. He first findeth his own brother Simon, and saith unto him, We have found the Messias, which is, being interpreted, the Christ. And he brought him to Jesus. And when Jesus beheld him, he said, Thou art Simon the son of Jona: thou shalt be called Cephas, which is by interpretation, A stone."

    When Jesus saw Simon coming to him with his brother Andrew, He said to Simon, 'you are Simon the son of Jona (or, in Gk. Ioannes = John). In Matthew 16:17, Jesus calls him Simon Barjona, which is Simon, son of Jona (or, John).

    Then Jesus says 'thou shalt be called Cephas (Gk. Kephas, meaning a rock), which is by interpretation, A stone (Gk. Petros = a stone or boulder).

    So Simon could be referred to in several ways: His actual name (Simon Barjona), or Simon Petros (Peter), or even Cephas (as in 1 Corinthians 1:12; 1 Corinthians 3:22): in 3:22, Paul was referring to three people, Paul (himself), Apollos, & the Rock. So you have a selection here of which name you want to refer to Peter - all these names point to the one person.
  • Giannis - in Reply
    Hi Cris

    A bit of information...

    JONA is not the same as JOHN (Gk IOANNNES, Hbr JOHANAN). JONA and BARJONA are Hebrew names, not greek. The greek form of these are IONAS and SON OF IONAS.

    PETER is greek. It comes from the word PETRA which means ROCK, STONE. CEPHAS is the same but in Hebrew

    Confusion is caused from the fact that Jesus talked in Hebrew/Aramaic but the authors of the gospels translated those names in Greek (but still sometimes kept the original Hebrew form of them) and then further got translated in English, so we have sometimes 3 names for 1 person , a Hebrew, a Greek and an English one.
  • Chris - in Reply
    Thanks for that correction Giannis. I was only able to get that information from the Greek Lexicon, which is how 'Ioannes' is translated from 'Jona'. Then Simon's father's name is actually Jona (Ionas), maybe also spelled 'Jonah'?
  • Giannis - in Reply
    Hi Chris

    I've done some research and found out that:

    The name of Peter's father was (Eng) Jona or Jonah, (Hbr) Yona or Yonah, (Gk) Ionas. It means "dove, pigeon". It is the same name as Prophet Jona in the Old Testament.

    Apostole John's name in Gk is Ioannes, in Hbr Yohanan. It means God is gracious or God's grace or God's gift. I was alwayd wondering why I never found that name in the Old Testament, did it appear for the first time in Jesus' times? Visiting a Jewish website I found

    out that it appears many times in the Old testament but in the Hebrew form of it i.e. Ezra 8:12. , 2 Kings 25:23, 1 Cronicles 6:9 etc . (Eng) Johanan (Hbr) Yohanan.

  • Chris - in Reply
    Thank you brother for that extra information. Much appreciated.
  • Free - in Reply
    Thank you very much then it is noted, :) Have a nice day from Matthew 25:14-30 God bless u and yours in Jesus name, love u in Christ.
  • GiGi - in Reply

    I agree with Jesse, here.

    Satan is a fallen angel as well as a devil. So Jesus was addressing Satan who was influencing Peter to speak against Jesus going to Jerusalem and be killed. He told Satan to get behind Him, because He recognized the work of Satan in Peter in that moment. he was delivering Peter from this influence at this time.

    As for Judas, he was a man, like every other mad, unredeemed and easily brought under the influence of Satan or a devil. Jesus loved Judas and spoke about one of His disciples being a devil to let Judas know who was influencing him at that time.

    Only God knows the heart of any person and se I feel it is best to leave the determination of any person's final judgment up to God. We really do not know if Judas was irredeemable or not.

    But in this time after Jesus' death and resurrection, we can assure people that they can receive salvation and eternal life because of this sacrifice of Jesus and His triumph over sin, death, Satan, and hell. As believers we can have the assurance of salvation because of the power of the word of the Gospel brought to us by the hearing of the death and resurrection of Jesus, through the regenerative work of the Holy Spirit that brings us to faith.

    Peter and Judas, at this time in the life of Jesus was prior to His death and resurrection. Judas, unfortunately hung himself in sorrow and regret before He saw the fulfillment of what Jesus had said would happen. Peter did live to see this fulfillment and became one chosen to deliver the gospel to all nations and witness the converting work of the Holy Spirit in his own life, in the life of the other apostles, and in those he brought the Gospel to over the remaining years of his life.
  • Jesse - in Reply

    Your example seems to fall a little short in showing that Peter was a devil. I say this because if you go to the very next verse ( John 6:71), it tells us who Jesus was referring to, and it was not Peter. It says that "Jesus spoke of Judas Iscariot the son of Simon: for he it was that should betray him, being one of the twelve."

    Also, Jesus never called Peter Satan. That is a misapplication of what Jesus was saying. I do agree with you that Judas was a traitor. He was also a thief. And he was evil from the very beginning. There is nothing in scripture that would lead us to believe that Peter was evil.
  • Jesus's Betrayer - in Reply
    Judas was mention in a prophesy in the book of Psalms:

    Psalms 41:9 View whole chapter

    Yea, mine own familiar friend, in whom I trusted, which did eat of my bread, hath lifted up his heel against me.

    Jesus knew of this prophesy before he even met Judas.

    Judas opened himself to the scripture.

    " The LOVE of money is the root of all evil." He betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver coins.
  • Kay - in Reply
    I also forgot to mention the obvious fact that Jesus SAYS that it is Judas who is a devil in John 6:71,

    70 Jesus answered them, Have not I chosen you twelve, and one of you is a devil?

    71 He spake of Judas Iscariot the son of Simon: for he it was that should betray him, being one of the twelve.
  • Linda - in Reply
    Jesus spoke john 6:70 but verse 71 is not (in red) not the words of jesus.

    matt. 10:33 jesus says, whosoever shall deny me before men. him will i also deny before my father which is in heaven.

    "whosoever" includes simon peter.

    jesus "is not" a liar.

    jesus "will deny" simon peter, (getthee behind me satan)

    before his father which is in heaven.

    simon peter denied jesus 3x

    mt.26:34&75 / mark 24:30&71-72 /

    luke 22:61

    1 john 2:23.whosoever denieth the son, hath not the father: but he that acknowledgeth the son hath the father also.

    simon peter denied the son.3x.

    simon peter hath not the father.
  • Kay - in Reply
    That is very true, Linda. He that continually, with unrepentance, denies the Son, does not have the Father either. What Peter did was a sad, sorry, sinful lapse; it was a singular fall, due to human weakness, not sinful will and rebellion.

    Peter's testimony AFTER he wept bitterly (immediately showing the first signs of repentance) - he was restored, and truly had both the Father and the Son! :)

    And you must remember, as I pointed out, and others here did as well, John 6:71! The Holy Spirit TESTIFIES that Jesus was speaking of Judas...not Peter, when He said, "One of you is a devil."

    I get what Peter did.

    Linda, I myself, in times of weakness in my flesh, 'denied' Jesus by my words and deeds. There is NO 'sinless perfection' on THIS side of heaven. ALL of our sins and failures are denials -- yet, we who are born from above, DO have Jesus and the Father, and though we oft fail and fall miserably - by the grace of Jesus and His power - we will not fall fatally.

    Praise Jesus!

    Grace to you, Linda!
  • Linda - in Reply
    Actually Kay:

    Peter's Was "Not A Singular" Fall.

    He Denied Jesus "Three" Times.

    He Could Have Repented After The First Two Denials: But Didn't.

    After The Third Denial: He knew That He Could No Longer Repent. That's why he went out and Wept Bitterly.

    Just As Esau Wept Bitterly: When He Sold His Birthright: Because He Found "No Room For" Repentance.

    Weeping Does Not Bring Repentance.

    "Turning From" Wicked Ways Is Repentance. Peter "Didn't" Repent.

    Peter Had 2 Opportunities To Turn From His Wicked Ways: But He Chose Not To Turn. He Denied Jesus "The Third" Time.

    1 John 2:23 Whosoever Denieth The Son, The Same Hath Not The Father: But he That "Acknowledge" The Son "Hath" The Father "Also" .

    Simon Peter "Denied" The Son.

    Simon Peter "Hath Not" The Son

    "Or" The Father.

    Matt.16:23 / Mark 8:33

    Jesus Said To Peter: Thou Savourest Not

    The Things That Be Of God, But (Thou Savourest) Those (Things) That Be Of Men.

    People Who Do Not Savour The Things Of God: Are Not Christians.
  • Kay - in Reply
    Forgive me; I worded that badly Linda. I knew what I meant..but didn't say it rightly. Yes, Peter denied the Lord 3 times in a row...but at the same event. The event was singular, not the denial! Forgive me for any confusion on that point.

    Isn't it amazing that in Mark 16:7, Jesus tells Mary to "go tell My disciples, and Peter.."...because Jesus the Good Shepherd knew that Peter needed the assurance of His repentance. INDEED, it can be so that tears don't mean a THING as to repentance, but in Peter's case, they DID! From the point of His tears forward, He was devoted to Christ, even unto death. And we mustn't forget in John 21, Jesus perfectly reclaims Peter and commissions him to go feed Christ's sheep! Jesus does not send devils out to the ministry! OHHH the Love of Christ...that saves us to the UTTERMOST of our heinous sins!

    Oh Linda.. I have been a slow learner many times. It has happened to me as the psalm says, i.e., I have fallen SEVEN times"....but got up again because of GRACE! I've fallen on my face more than Peter's three times, but I KNOW I am forgiven, born from above, and have the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, all because of the grace of God in Christ Jesus!

    My failures have made me more watchful, and more humble, and more ready to be forgiving and patient with others.

    Gigi said a right thing: we can judge NO man's heart! That is Christ's jurisdiction alone, but but BUT we CAN and are instructed to judge the fruit. The fruit between Judas and Peter is entirely different one from another.

    May the Lord help us all grow into Christ and His Word more and more! Amen!
  • Linda - in Reply
    BTW You stated That Peter's 3 Denials Of Jesus Were Only "One" Event.

    But: It Was Actually 3 Separate Events: Involving 3 Different People: At 3 Separate Times. Luke 22:55-61

    The Bible Doesn't Mention The Length Of The Time Spans: But There Was Probably Somewhere Around 15 Minutes To One Hour Between Each Denial.

    1John 2:23 Says Whosoever Denieth The Son, The Same Hath Not The Father.

    Whosoever = Simon Peter.

    Simon Peter Hath Not God, The Father.

    Simon Peter Is Not A Child Of The God Of Abraham, Isaac And Jacob. Also:

    Jesus Called Simon Peter (Satan).

    Peter = Thee = Satan Matt.16:23

    Do You Really Think That Satan Will Be Allowed Into The Kingdom Of Heaven?
  • Chris - in Reply
    I wonder, Linda, how Jesus considered Peter & what He expected of him in the days subsequent to His Resurrection & Ascension. If Peter was in such a bad spiritual state, an embodiment of Satan, without any hope of recovery, then be told in John 21:15-19 to 'feed His sheep' & about his future death that would glorify God; what does even this one event tell us of Peter, even Jesus?

    Would the Lord err so greatly & ignorantly to allow a devil possessed man to minister to His flock? What you share can be very confusing, if I've understood you correctly.
  • Linda - in Reply
    You missed an important part of jesus' conversation. jesus asked peter 3x if peter loved him. each time peter said, yes, lord. but peter was grieved when jesus asked him 3x. apparently jesus thought peter's love was questionable.

    after each question jesus said, feed my sheep.

    so did peter truly love jesus?

    did peter feed jesus' sheep? as jesus commanded him to? galatians 2:11-14 the apostle paul says: but when peter was come to antioch, i (paul) withstood him (peter) to the face, because he (peter) was to be blamed. for before that certain came from james, he (peter) did eat with the gentiles: but when they (certain others from james) were come, he (peter) withdrew and separated himself, fearing them (fearing god's sheep) which were of the circumcision. and the other jews dissemble likewise with him (with peter): insomuch that (even) barnabas also was carried away with their dissimilation.

    but when i (paul) saw that they (peter and the others) walked not uprightly according to the gospel,

    i said unto peter (who was to be blamed) - - -

    peter walked not according to the gospel of jesus christ. peter did not feed jesus' sheep: he (peter) preferred to be with goats. peter feared jesus' sheep.

    obviously peter (did not) love jesus.

    apparently, jesus was right to be skeptical about peter's love for him.

    jesus "knew" what was in peter's heart: before he asked peter.if he (peter) loved him.
  • Chris - in Reply
    I didn't include that part of Jesus/Peter's conversation because it didn't apply to Peter being Satan. Was Peter's love for the Lord questionable or did the three affirmations from Peter meant to counteract Peter's earlier three denials? The Scriptures don't confirm either. The point I was making is that whether or not Jesus questioned Peter's love for Him, it was Jesus' Command to Peter to feed His sheep; Peter belonged to Jesus & would do as Jesus asked of him. Jesus wouldn't ask Satan to do such a work of caring for those who belong to Him. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Galatians 2:11-14. Yes, that was a sad occasion where Peter was hypocritical because of fear of the Hebrew believers in their possible appraising the situation of Peter eating with the Gentile believers. Peter was right to eat with them (according to the Truth of the Gospel) but stopped when the Hebrew Christians came. Peter probably learned this lesson from Paul to stand true to the Lord & the Gospel in all areas of Christian experience.

    Now, is Peter still a Satan here? Or, is he one who needed to be set aright in his understanding & that hypocrisy has no part in Christian living & testimony? You can't take an instance such as this & condemn the man forever - you would then need to destroy almost every other character in the Bible, for many have done far worse. So even after following Peter's preaching & activities in the Book of Acts, including his two letters, if you still feel that Peter is a Satan, then you might be out on a limb, as there is more than enough evidence to show that he was a person much more devoted to the Lord, stronger in the Word, & prepared to lay down his life, than most Christians today, including me.
  • Linda - in Reply
    By Not Including Jesus Saying To Peter: Do You Love Me: (You Took) "Feed My Sheep (Out Of Context). The Whole Purpose Of Their Conversation Was To (Reveal) Whether Peter Loved Jesus In Word And In Deed, Or In Word Only.

    Jesus Wanted To (Reveal) Who The One Devil Was: That (Jesus Had To Choose) To Be A Disciple Of His.

    (Peter) Get (Thee) Behind Me (Satan)

    Thou Savourest Not The Things Of God. Peter (Did Not Savour) The Things Of God. Thee = Peter = Satan = The One Devil That Jesus Chose To Be A Disciple.

    All Who Truly Love & Fear Jesus Will Not Only Confess With Their Mouth That Jesus Is Their Lord , But They Will Also (Desire To Obey) Jesus. John 15:14 Jesus Says, Ye Are MY Friends (IF Ye DO) Whatsoever I Command You.

    Peter (Denied) Jesus Three Times: And Peter (Disobeyed) Jesus. If Peter Had Not Disobeyed Jesus: Then Paul Would Never Have Withstood Peter To His Face. Paul said, That Peter Walked Not According To The Gospel. Paul Said: That Peter (Caused Others) To Walk Not According To The Gospel. Peter Even Caused Barnabas To Fall Away. So Peter Not Only Disobeyed Jesus: But He Caused Others To Disobey Jesus. Peter Did This (After) Jesus Said , Feed My Sheep. So Rather Than Doing What Jesus Ordered Him To Do: Peter Chose Not To Feed Jesus' Sheep. And Peter Chose To Scatter Jesus' Sheep.

    Bottom Line: Peter Didn't Truly Love Jesus. Peter (Walked Not) According To The Gospel Of Jesus. Peter Was (Afraid Of God's Chosen People (Those Of The Circumcision). And, Peter (Caused Even Barnabas) And Others To Fall Away From The Gospel Of Jesus Christ.

    And Yet Now (In This Day And Age)

    Many Who Call Jesus, Lord: Admire And Exalt (Peter, Get Thee Behind Me Satan) (Above All The Other Disciples.

    Rather Ironic, Don't You Think?

    God's People Admire And Highly Respect The ONE Man That Jesus Called, SATAN.
  • Chris - in Reply
    Linda, you said, "Jesus Wanted To (Reveal) Who The One Devil Was: That (Jesus Had To Choose) To Be A Disciple Of His."

    I think you're unnaturally fixated on Peter being the Devil, rather than looking at the actual person Jesus was pointing to. Read John 6:70,71: "Jesus answered them, Have not I chosen you twelve, and one of you is a devil? He spake of Judas Iscariot the son of Simon: for he it was that should betray him, being one of the twelve." Peter wasn't the devil-filled person in the room - Judas was. Anyone, then & now, who stands against or wilfully obstructs Jesus' Words & the Words in the Scriptures, does so by the inspiration of Satan. It happened to both Judas & Peter - it can happen to you & me. Let us "tremble at His Word"; giving Satan no room to influence & misguide us into gross error.

    No further comment needed on your remaining thoughts, as I dealt with them previously.
  • GiGi - in Reply
    Chris, Thank you for taking this conversation on towards better clarity.

    The witness concerning Peter in Acts and in his letters clearly demonstrate a redeemed human person, not Satan, who is a fallen angelic being.
  • Chris - in Reply
    Indeed GiGi. When any matter is discussed, all of Scripture needs to be taken into account pertaining to it, or else our understanding will most certainly be skewed. And the same would apply to those subjects where we're not given much to go on, preventing us forming an accurate understanding. Too much damage can be done when we fail to take in the whole Word of God & wish to add in our own 'little extras' to paint a picture that conforms to our belief & not as the Spirit intended. Thank you.
  • Linda - in Reply
    You Asked: Would The Lord ERR So Greatly? I say "NO" The Lord Jesus "NEVER" Errs. Jesus (HAD TO) Chose "ONE" Devil TO Fulfill Scripture.

    ONE Devil: NOT TWO Devil's. So I Have 2 Questions For You, Chris. Question #1. (IF) Judas Was (That One Devil) Then (Why On Earth) Did Jesus Call Simon Peter (SATAN)? Satan = Devil Question #2 Do You Think Jesus (DIDN'T KNOW) That He Was Calling (The Wrong Disciple) SATAN /A DEVIL: OR, Do You Think Jesus Decided To Go Against Scripture: And Choose "TWO" Devil's.
  • Chris - in Reply
    Page 2.

    No. 2. Do You Think Jesus (DIDN'T KNOW) That He Was Calling (The Wrong Disciple) SATAN /A DEVIL: OR, Do You Think Jesus Decided To Go Against Scripture: And Choose "TWO" Devil's.

    I think my response above, answers your question about Jesus calling both His disciples, Devil; that these men didn't turn into devils (nor can they), but allowed THE Devil to fill them & use them to work against God. Jesus was hearing devilish words/seeing a devilish act from these men, just as would be expected from THE Devil. As I mentioned, there can only be one Devil/Satan - others are either his spirit devils or those whom he fills to do his work.

    Re: "Get thee behind me Satan" ( Matthew 16:23). Remember the Lord used the same words to Satan in Luke 4:8. In both accounts, Jesus was speaking to Satan - at the first time, Satan stood in Jesus' Presence; at the second time, Satan was present in Peter, in Jesus' Presence. Jesus saw the man Peter being used of Satan & Satan received Jesus' scolding. Peter suffered because of it but was forgiven - Satan will suffer into eternity never finding forgiveness ( Revelation 20:10).
  • Chris - in Reply
    Page 1.

    To your questions Linda:

    No. 1. (IF) Judas Was (That One Devil) Then (Why On Earth) Did Jesus Call Simon Peter (SATAN)?

    As far as the Bible records, there is only one Devil (Satan) & many devils (or, demons/evil spirits). Jesus referred to both Judas & Peter as Devil & Satan. In Luke 22:3 we read, "Then entered Satan into Judas surnamed Iscariot, being of the number of the twelve." Judas didn't turn into the (or, a) Devil but the Devil entered him to cause him to betray Jesus (fulfilling the Scriptures, of course).

    In Luke 22:31, Jesus said, "Simon, Simon, behold, Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat" and "But he (Jesus) turned, and said unto Peter, Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men." ( Matthew 16:23). Same thing again: from Peter's almost valiant stand to protect Jesus' Honor & Life, Jesus came back to him, calling him Satan.

    Both Judas & Simon acted against Jesus: one an outright betrayal & the other, a refusal to accept Jesus' Mission. When they or anyone believes or works contrary to God's Word, they don't become a Devil, but they are moved by the Devil to act according to his Will & not God's. Jesus saw the work of a living Devil in both these men - both these men eventually realized their errors - one in suicide, the other in the furtherance of the Gospel & building up of Christ's Church. Devils don't repent - but their work in people's hearts is severely obstructed when they have to deal with the Living God in regenerated lives. Peter was forgiven & lived out his life in the Power & Joy of the Holy Spirit. Sadly, Judas chose to end his life, maybe fulfilling Satan's wish for him.
  • Linda - in Reply
    I judge No Person. Jesus Is The Judge. Jesus Says TO Peter: Thou, Peter Savourest Not The Things Of God.

    Jesus Says TO Peter (NOT TO Judas):

    Get Thee Behind Me Satan.

    Jesus Says: Peter = Satan = The Devil

    Jesus Says: Have Not I Chosen You Twelve: And ONE Of You IS A Devil.

    Peter Was The "One" Devil That Jesus Chose To Be A Disciple Of His.

    That Which Is (Highly Esteemed) IS Abomination Unto God. Simon Peter IS (Very Highly) Esteemed. Many People Admire & Adore Peter (They Idolize Peter).They Have Even Built An Image Of Simon Peter. It Stands In The Vatican.. Over The Years Billions Of People Have Bowed Down And Kissed Peter's Feet (Worshipping) Peter. To The Point Where The Feet Of The Statue Are Actually Wearing Away.

    Jesus Says TO (PETER) : Get (THEE) Behind Me (SATAN) : (THOU) Savourest (NOT) The Things (OF) GOD.

    God's people (Adore / Lift Up) Simon Peter (Highly (Above) All The Other Disciples. They Idolize Peter (A Mere Man Who) DID NOT SAVOUR The Things Of God. (A Mere Man) Whom Jesus Called (Satan).

    Simon Peter Is An Abomination In The Eyes Of Jesus. Jesus Literally Turned His Back On Peter: Jesus) Couldn't Stand The Sight Of Peter/Satan).

    Have You Heard? That Peter Requested To Be (Crucified Upside Down) Because He Didn't Feel Worthy To Be Crucified In The Same Manner As Jesus.

    Is It Any Wonder That Satan Worshippers Wear (An Upside-Down Crucifix) Around Their Necks?

    Jesus Said To PETER: Get THEE Behind Me, SATAN.

    Peter = Thee = Satan = The ONE Devil That Jesus Chose To Be His Disciple.

    Believe It "OR" Not.

    The Choice Is Entirely Yours.
  • Kay - in Reply
    Very good comment, brother. Thank you for posting

  • Kay - in Reply
    I've never heard a comment quite like that one, Linda. Interesting...but I must differ.

    It's very true that Jesus spoke to Peter in that very straight way, for at that one particular moment, Peter became a 'satan', an adversary, attempting to block Jesus from His necessary sufferings on our behalf.

    However, we must look at ALL Scripture. Jesus restored Peter ( John 21); Peter had a very productive ministry, which we to this day are benefiting from. Praise the Lord. NO devil, no, not satan himself, is restored! He is forever cut off and lost.

    By the FRUITS we know people. The Pharisees were told by Christ that they were of their father, the devil, because they were doing his works, his lusts!!

    Peter, though he failed miserably out of human infirmity, he was never a devil. He sealed his testimony with his own blood.

    Judas, on the other hand, had satan enter him, John 13:27, and fully possessed him; Judas betrayed Christ to death...thus, in both his lying and murdering, these wicked fruits - showed that he was a devil, and perished like one, in self-murder.

    There is a vast distinction between Peter's character and Judas's, and both show from where they were 'born' from; Peter was truly born from above; Judas was of his father the devil.
  • Linda - in Reply
    Yes: Jesus said, Go tell Peter AND MY Disciples. But Peter didn't hear Jesus say that. So: It Wasn't said to Reassure Peter.

    AS A Matter Of Fact: IF Peter Had Heard Jesus Say That, It Would Have Been Unsettling To Peter. Because By Saying That: Jesus "Totally Segregated" Peter From The Rest Of The Disciples.

    BTW That Wasn't The Only Instance Where Jesus "Separated" Peter From The Disciple Rank.

    Jesus Knew That Peter Was The One Devil (Get Thee Behind Me Satan) That He "Had To" Chose In Order (To Fulfill) Scripture.

    You Seem To Be Trying Very Hard To Prove That Jesus Is A Liar. Jesus Is The Way. (The Truth) And The Life.

    When Jesus Calls (Someone Who Does Not Savour The Things Of God): Satan: He Means What He Says.
  • Kay - in Reply
    God forbid, Linda, that I would make the Lord Whom I love, and His truth that I love, a liar. Jesus is my joy, and His Word my light. I know what I am apart from both Christ and His Word, and I am indeed a great debtor to His free grace and mercy.

    I have read several commentaries on John 6:70,71 since our discussion, in addition to prayerfully meditating with the Lord's help for myself. I've also been studying, along with John 17:12. They all say the son of perdition, the devil, the murderer, the betrayer, is Judas.

    I won't respond to any further discussion, because I see it's pointless. I have fulfilled my duty. I will just say that I have been so grieved over this whole discussion. I think of Revelation 13:6, speaking of antichrist, and how he blasphemes the saints in heaven. We need to be careful of what spirit we are of, when we speak about one of the servants of God. You are a much braver woman than I to do so.

    Peter, though a loud-mouth at times, though prideful at times, though influenced by the devil in that very tragic length was restored and became a great blessing to the church of God then, and even to this day, by the letters that he penned and left for us, which contain so much precious truth. Peter, once filled with the Holy Spirit on Pentecost, preached the gospel of the Lord that he loved; and was faithful unto death. Would the HOLY SPIRIT dwell inside a devil???

    I entrust you to the One Who is the best Teacher in the World, and I myself ask for continued wisdom and insight from God's Word. I need His help moment by moment, and am utterly lost apart from Him.

    Thank you for the interesting discussion, though we differ.
  • Linda - in Reply
    I Am Fixated ON the Words Of JESUS.

    JESUS Said: Have Not I Chosen You Twelve And (ONE Of You) IS A DEVIL.

    The Mouths Of 3 Disciples (Matthew, Mark & Luke) Have Established That JESUS Called Simon PETER (Satan).

    In The Mouth Of 2 Or 3 Witnesses Every Word Of God Is Established.

    JESUS Called Simon Peter (Satan).

    Satan = A Devil

    Jesus Is Not A Liar (In My Eyes).

    You (On The Other Hand) Seem To Think Otherwise.

    Why don't You Look Up At JESUS Now? And Tell HIM That "HE" CALLED

    The WRONG Disciple, Satan?
  • Chris - in Reply
    Okay Linda. I will leave you with the Word of God & re-reading of the Scriptures. This thread is open for others to read & they too can look at the Scriptures & discern who was saying what to whom...and why, in respect to the matter you raised.

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