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  • Onesoulwon on Matthew 24
    The time of the Rapture, is one of the most studied, preached, discussed (sometimes even argued) subjects in the Bible Some scholars say pre-tribulation, others mid- tribulation, others post- tribulation. Individual beliefs on the subject are usually very strong. But, let me bring something to your attention. Whether the Rapture occurs tonight, tomorrow, or even 1000 yrs from now, we should all be more concerned with our own, personal "Rapture". You see, upon the death of an individual, everything is settled at that point for that individual. There will be no second chance, no time to reconsider, no concern about the Rapture of the Church. As of that moment, your eternal dwelling place, either Heaven or Hell, will already be decided. Therefore, I would like to encourage each individual to seriously consider his or her relationship with God. Have you been "born again"? Are you walking closely with Him? Is the Holy Ghost your guide? If your answer is "no" to either of these question, don't be thinking about the Rapture of the Church. Align "your" life, "your" relationship with Jesus Christ now, before it is TOO LATE!!!


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