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  • Bill Murrell on Philippians 3
    As long as you believe in Jesus, Love and Make peace with God and man. You will also be kind to his animals. Love is the Key.
  • Ben W - in Reply on Philippians 3
    Depends what you mean by being kind. If you're referring to some type of veganism thing, then that's not biblical.
  • Suze - in Reply on Philippians 3
    Hi Bill , I agree . All living things are part of God's gorgeous creation , I know that God loves us humans and I can't imagine that He doesn't love all the other amazing creatures that He created . I have to say that I do wonder how God feels when He sees all the awful things that we have done on His earth and to it . He sees everything and I'm guessing that a lot of it isn't a pretty sight . Does He feel sad ? Or angry ? I can't wait for the day that He will make all things new .
  • Bill Murrell - in Reply on Philippians 3
    Ephesians 4 26 explains about being angry. Exodus 20'5 say he is a jealous God also. God is sad when we are stubborn and don't have faith to obey him and we read all through the bible that when his children are disobedient God pours his wrath out

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