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  • Daytry on James 3 - 2 years ago
    God has help me so much
  • Spreading the Agape - In Reply on James 3 - 2 years ago
    We are the Body of Jesus Christ.

    His heart to overflow with compassion. An uplifting word when one is needed. To come alongside in a difficulty. A ride to Church. A "hi how are ya" at the grocery store.

    This age in society people sorta shut out the community.

    I know people who are so insulated at home, it's tragic.

    I'm an evangelist and everybody I run into are gonna get some "SON shine" on them :D

    It takes so very little emotional investment to have a moment to share, a good word, a little testimony, an invite to sit with me at churchI'll be the one with a red shirt. Jesus routinely loved on the little children in the Bible. To me that's an encouragement to do the same.

    Jesus is lookin' for FollowersI will make you fishers of men/women/children

    Go ye into your neighborhood. Amen.


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