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  • Mr. David Vopal on Romans 1
    Romans chapter one is, I believe, a portrait of God’s infinite righteousness. In these opening verses of the Book of Romans, we are introduced to the righteous God-man who planned, designed, promised and fulfilled His glorious Gospel. We also meet “Paul” a man who was made righteous by that Gospel. In these verses, we discover the power of God to keep His promises; resurrection power to bring life out of death; and salvation power to all who believe.
    The apostle Paul represents all true believers who first encounter the power of God to transform lives and the objectives of God. Someone has said, “A believer is one who has an on-going desire to do the will of God from the heart.” The first chapter of Romans certainly indicates that fact. Here, in the opening verses of the Book of Romans we are given a picture of what a believer looks like spiritually; and why she or he does what they do.
    This is a wonderful example of how a believer serves God and man by submitting to the will of God, and too thankfully and tirelessly brings the message of the true Gospel: even if it is, only an unspoken message lived out by a good example shown to others.
    May God richly bless you, and thank you?


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