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  • Lou on Isaiah 13:10 - 2 years ago
    is this the end of time or do we have more time
  • GiGi - In Reply on Isaiah 13:10 - 2 years ago
    Dear Lou,

    Scripture gives us much information about what will occur during the end times. Look up what Jesus says about it in Matt. 24; Mk. 13. Lk. 19. There are a large numbers of prophetic verses about the end times in the OT and NT, especially in Revelation.

    For me, I study the Scriptures to learn what is said there about the end times. I heed the words of Jesus for us to be know the signs of the time, be watchful, ready, waiting, looking for Him, prayerful, and to have faith that endures to the end. I stay abreast of what happens in our world to see if there are things happening that may be fulfilling what Jesus said or other prophecies. But even more so, I chose to live godly life in this wicked age and to set Christ aside in my heart so as to be ready to give an answer to any who inquire about the hope I have within me, which is Jesus Christ, our hope of glory.

    We still need to continue to work and provide for ourselves and our families even if it should prove that we are in the end times. We are to continue to do (while it is still day) the work God has tasked us to do for the kingdom until He returns. We are to continue in doing good to others, worshipping with other believers, engage in our sphere of influence, care for those in need in our communities according to our abilities, and everything we would normally do if it didn't seem like the end times.

    Right now, our world is in a precarious position as it has been in the past century with two world wars and other regional conflicts. We have had prosperity in past decades but now with covid effects and inflation rising, our economic situation is unsettling. With weather events such as recent tornadoes and hurricanes along with other catastrophes like earthquakes, drought, famine it seems that our world is in a spiral. But that does not mean equivocally that we are in the end times, as history shows that humanity has gone through great tribulations before. But it doesn't mean we are NOT in the end time

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