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  • Ps. Emmanuel on Revelation 13:3
    Whatever battle we are fighting for Christ, we have to fight it to the end, whatever race we are running for Christ, until we have come to the finishing point we can't give up. Paul in the book of Gala 4:19 said, my children, I am suffering birth pains for you again until Christ is formed in you.
    Until Christ was formed in the hearts of the Galatians He was not going to be free from BIRTH PAINS. I believe we all know what BIRTH PAINS ARE?
    The head of the beast was brutally wounded meaning it was engage in fiercest BATTLE (Revelation 3:14) but it was not killed.
    You see David after killing Goliath rushed unto the dead huge giant and cut of the Head. We have to finish the fight we are fighting for Christ on earth and finish the race we are running for our Lord here. After the beast was healed, we saw what it did. (Revelation 3:11-18)
    My point is whatever we are doing for Christ, if it has to be DONE, has to be DONEWELL. We have to the take it to the FINISHING POINT. We canít live it half finished. Other than that it will come back strong to hunt us. BE BLESSED.
    Ps. Emma


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