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  • Lance Mahan on Acts 2
    Isaiah 9:6 tells us who Jesus really is. He is the Son, Father and God. Jesus is the name you should be baptized in.(Acts 2:38,19:5,10:48,8:37-38)(2 Corinthians 3:1) Out of the mouths of two or three shall the word of God be established. Many times did the scriptures say Jesus name baptism but only once did it sayin the name of Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost(Matthew 28:19) If you put them all together you get the name and that is Jesus. (Luke 24:47) tells where and what name should remissions of sins and repentence should be preached. Matt, Mark, Luke and John are the books that tell of Jesus's birth, life ,death and resurrection and the resurrection begins in the book of acts and is the beginning of the Church. Jesus gave Peter the authority to speak on the day of pentecost in St John(21:15-17)(Acts 1:2) as well as the first chapter of Acts, whom Jesus chose the apostles.
    People try to say well who told the apostles to go and baptize in Matthew 28:19? Jesus of course, I agree but who stopped Saul/Paul on the way to Damascus? The same Jesus? YES! Paul baptized in what way and name? Jesus.(Acts 19:5) No other name(Acts 4:12) as well as One Lord, One Faith and one Baptism (Ephesians 4:5) People will jump over the book of Acts because of what ever reason. Acts opens up the name. If you don't believe me see what is done in Jesus name in the book of Acts. Do a study but before you do it pray to Jesus and ask for wisdom.

    Jesus Bless


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