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  • THOMAS SEGERS on Psalms 101
    I have read all of the comments on psalms 101, but no where in any of the discussions, have i found any reference to : psalms 101"1-- did everyone leave this scripture out on purpose? i would like to know the answer ? scripture , if not fully discussed, is not truth> let's discuss what david wrote here..... "i will sing of mercy and judgement: unto thee, o lord, will i sing'. why is discussion on this left out?
  • Mishael - in Reply on Psalms 101
    Matthew Henry Commentary:

    David was certainly the penman of this psalm, and it has in it the genuine spirit of the man after God's own heart; it is a solemn vow which he made to God when he took upon him the charge of a family and of the kingdom. Whether it was penned when he entered upon the government, immediately after the death of Saul (as some think), or when he began to reign over all Israel, and brought up the ark to the city of David (as others think), is not material; it is an excellent plan or model for the good government of a court, or the keeping up of virtue and piety, and, by that means, good order, in it: but it is applicable to private families; it is the householder's psalm. It instructs all that are in any sphere of power, whether larger or narrower, to use their power so as to make it a terror to evil-doers, but a praise to those that do well. Here is,

    I. The general scope of David's vow (v. 1, 2).

    II. The particulars of it, that he would detest and discountenance all manner of wickedness (v. 3-5, 7, 8) and that he would favour and encourage such as were virtuous (v. 6).

    When I want to read some commentaries on a scripture, I actually Google the verses and read several commentaries to get a larger view. Goggle this way:

    "Chapter, verse, Bible commentaries"

    I choose the BibleHub site mostly

    The KingJamesBibleOnline site has commentaries on it. That box is located below the search box. Put your verse in it; and scroll down slowly till you see it.

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