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  • Richard H Priday on Leviticus 18 - 2 years ago
    This chapter carries the statutes (according to verse 27) showing results of all those evils committed by the surrounding nations; hence bringing the wrath of God and destruction. These acts seem to encompass this whole chapter and include uncovering nakedness in general (v. 1-18); adultery (v. 20); child sacrifice (v. 21); sodomy (v. 22); and bestiality (v. 23). The land was said to "vomit out its inhabitants" (v. 25) with a warning for Israel of the same thing happening in verse 28.

    Therefore; we see the results of these sins in pagan nations in general (certainly the same sort of things have occurred throughout the earth in such societies). God in His appointed time destroyed those nations and Israel wasn't immune to the same response from the Lord.

    In addition to this; many giant offspring (first mentioned in Genesis 6) had their offspring (whose "ites" were listed among 10 giant nations in Deuteronomy). These represented areas the Lord utterly wiped out; and no doubt inspired the idol worship of others who were enamored by their supernatural strength and accomplishments; which certainly fit in to Satan's scheme.

    Sadly; all these sins were to affect Israel and or Judah after these admonitions. God had warned them before this; when they were still in exile that they were not to follow the customs or adopt the gods of these nations which would be a snare unto them; neither intermarry. This warning was also given to Solomon; who went from the richest man on earth who had the honor of rebuilding the Temple and had praise and respect from his neighbors and peace with the nations to a man of compromise at best. All his promises of descendants ruling would have to be deferred until the Messiah came. Satan when he couldn't succeed in corrupting all the seed of men would usually succeed in bringing down those who could have maintained Israel as a great nation. The Lord foresaw all this but it is sad to see man's disobedience throughout scripture.
  • GiGi - In Reply on Leviticus 18 - 2 years ago
    Yes, it is sad, Richard. At this time, we have the historical record and the Bible to inform us of this more comprehensively than those in ancient times, since we have a longer period of time to view the sinfulness of man. But this also shows us the relentless sinfulness of Satan, since He continues to live throughout history, whereas, people lived and died throughout history. Satan will not relent in His evil ways until He is forced into the lake of fire along with all of His minions.

    We must not underestimate Satan's utter wickedness and total intent on bringing to naught the human race. He wants us obliterated before the face of God. he wants us to be completely dis-enfranchised of the place God has allotted to humans. He wants to cause all believers to fall away from faith in Jesus. He wants to cause the gospel of Jesus nullified and discredited as it is brought forth by believing witnesses to unbelievers. He wants to destroy the fellowship of believers and corrupt the doctrines of the faith so that believers are fooled into believing false teachings and doctrines of demons. He wants to entrap as many as he can into idolatry and pagan/occult practices. He wants to turn our children against the faith taught them by believing parents. He wants to entrap as many as he can into addictions that will master these people. He wants to rob, kill, and destroy.

    We are to be watchful and prayerful. We are to be bold and strong in our faith and to love one another deeply. We are charged with guard our doctrine and faith against false ideas and heretical viewpoints. We are to resist the devil and flee from immorality. We are to be humble before God and sober minded. So, in these ways we can stand firm in our relationship with Jesus and defeat the wiles and schemes of the evil one.
  • Chris - In Reply on Leviticus 18 - 2 years ago
    Great Truths & facts, clearly declared. Thank you Richard & GiGi.

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